Blue Lake Suzuki Family Camp

Blue Lake Suzuki Family Camp
Twin Lake, MI

Blue Lake Suzuki Family Camp provides families an opportunity to learn and play together in a rustic, wilderness camping environment. Established by Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp in 1976, the Suzuki Family Camp takes place on Blue Lake’s 1,600 acre campus just north of Muskegon, Michigan. Most classes are taught in rustic cabins and lodges in the woods while recitals and concerts are held in a variety of performance venues, including the 4,000 seat Stewart Shell near the lake.
Blue Lake Suzuki Family Camp offers instruction for violin, viola, cello, bass, and piano. The three core classes—individualized instruction, technique classes, and a large repertoire group—are augmented by chamber music, orchestras, fiddling, improvisation, and chamber music for pianists. Additional activities center around the outdoors, including swimming pools, wooded trails, and campfires at night. Blue Lake Suzuki Family Camp also offers the Art Barn, where students can create all kinds of interesting works of art throughout the day.
Families stay in individual rustic cabins or are welcome use designated camp sites for tents, campers, or recreational vehicles. Lodging is also available 7 miles away within the resort area of White Lake.


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Student Fees

  • Registration $75
  • Lesson Fee for one session $175 per student
  • Pre-Pre Twinkle class $45
  • Chamber music for piano, guitar, or strings $60
  • Young Reader’s Orchestra $40
  • Parent Piano lessons $50

Fees given are for 1 session only. Many families elect to come for 2 or more sessions. A discount of $75 is given when enrolling in two or more sessions.
I LOVE BLUE LAKE Enroll by February 14th and receive an Early Registration Discount of $50.

Teacher Fees

Piano, Unit 2, $400 Marilyn Anderson, teacher
Violin, Unit 1, $550 Wendy Azrak,, teacher
Violin, Unit 2, $400 Rebecca Sandrok, teacher
Violin, Unit 3, $400 Rebecca Sandrok, teacher
Cello, Unit 3, $400 Andrea Yun, teacher


John Kendall Scholarship

For Teachers, Amount: $400.00, Application due: April 20
The John Kendall Scholarship of $400 is available to one violin teacher trainee for Book 1. The applicant must be a resident of Michigan. Applications can be found at There is also a John Kendall Scholarship for 1 violin student for $250. The applicant must be a resident of Michigan. Five student scholarships available, $100 each. Applications and information can be found at Contact the registrar for more information on all scholarships.

Housing & Meals

Cabins and facilities are similar to those found in State Parks with a bath building nearby. A few cabins have bathrooms inside the cabin. Meals, with meat and non meat choices are served in the cafeteria.
Prices are for 1 session only.
Cabin with bath: adults $80, children 11 and under, $60, minimum charge $180
Cabin with shared bath facilities: adult $70, children 11 and under, $50

RV sites, some full hookups, $85 tent sites, bath building $70
Teen cabin, $80

  • Ages 11 and under $70
  • Adults $80


The emphasis is on family at this camp which blends music and outdoor experiences for the whole family. Blue Lake is unique in that many extra activities are centered around the outdoors. An outdoor swimming pool, lakeside sand for children to play, campfires at night, picnic on the shore of Lake Michigan between sessions, and guided nature walks keep families busy between and after classes. Parent volunteers share their special interests with other campers by way of extra classes and special activities. The Art Barn has different art projects every hour of the day for students of all ages.

Other Info

The Suzuki Family Camp will celebrate its 39th year as it offers an opportunity for Suzuki students and their families to visit the Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp which is located in a beautiful rustic setting in the southern tip of the Manistee National Forest, 15 miles north of Muskegon, MI. The Camp is 4 hours northeast of Chicago, 15 miles east of Lake Michigan. Facilities at the camp are accessible to all.
There are recital opportunities for any student who wishes to perform, with the home teacher’s approval. All students, orchestras and all ensembles will perform at the final concert of each session.

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