Digital Video Help


What is a digital video?
Our digital video are professional quality video that you can view on your computer or other mobile device. These videos are purchased and downloaded from the Suzuki Association website.

What type of file is the digital video?
Our videos are in the m4v (MPEG-4 Movie) format which is the standard video file for most computers and mobile devices. M4V files will work with most computers and mobile devices.

What software programs are required to use my digital video?
For best results, we recommend that you play your video with either VLC media player or QuickTime 7.

Quicktime 7 is a free download provided by Apple and is compatible with PC and Mac computers.You can download Quicktime by going to: Note: QuickTime is a free download. QuickTime Pro is not necessary to view our digital videos.

VLC is free software that can play a wide variety of video formats. You can download it by going to

How do I optimize my video?
You can save yourself time by properly optimizing your video before upload. See our Step by Step instructions here.

What is an HD video?
HD is short for High Definition, and is supported by any computer, HDTV and most modern mobile devices.

How do I download my digital video?
You can download the video on either the order page, or the digital download page that is associated with your account. Simply click on the download button next to the video name that you would like to download. This will be saved to your download folder, or to the folder that you have set in your internet browsers settings.

What do I do if digital video is not working properly?
First make sure the download is complete. If the download failed, delete any failed downloads from your download folder, then click on the file that you are downloading again.

If you are downloading over a WiFi network, you might also try a wired connection (if possible). Also we do not recommend downloading videos over a cell phone data service.

How long will it take my video to download?
Our HD videos are usually about 1GB per hour of video content. All of our digital product downloads, provided through super fast server

Note: Reference the product page for all Interweave Download products for more specific information about file sizes. It will help you make the best estimate possible.

File Size Dial-Up (56 Kbps) DSL (1.5 Mbps) Cable (3 Mbps) Coporate (10 Mbps)
100 MB 4 hours 10 minutes 5 minutes 1 minute
500 MB 20 hours 45 minutes 25 minutes 8 minutes
800 MB * 75 minutes 40 minutes 10 minutes
1 GB * 95 minutes 50 minutes 15 minutes
2 GB * 3 hours 100 minutes 30 minutes