Summer Institutes

Summer Institutes and Workshops

Summer Suzuki institutes are special camps that provide an intensive musical experience for families with children who currently study an instrument through the Suzuki Method. Institutes are located in all regions of the U.S. and Canada, offering activities for students, parents and teachers in one-week sessions throughout the summer. Families enjoy attending the institute together and participating in a wide range of musical and enrichment activities. For teachers, institutes offer Suzuki training for both prospective teachers who desire an introduction to the method and experienced teachers who wish to expand their knowledge and receive fresh inspiration

SAA-approved summer Suzuki institutes follow specific SAA guidelines in providing training for teachers and activities for students and parents. Institutes are sponsored by independent organizations, schools, and programs throughout the U.S. and Canada, and Festivals in Latin America offer similar opportunities.

Note: The Suzuki Association does not have information on schedules, registration, enrollment, or pricing for each individual summer institute. In order to get detailed information on a particular institute, please use the contact information provided for each in our institute listings.

Benefits for Children and Parents

Each year new and experienced families enjoy the exciting musical experiences available at Suzuki Institutes across the region and go home inspired to continue their work during the year. Institutes provide a unique opportunity for families to focus on music outside the usual constraints of daily life.

Institute offerings include masterclasses, group classes, and recitals as well as enrichment courses that range from theory, improvisation, and chamber music to choir, drama, and fiddling. Parents attend classes with their children. Many institutes also offer lectures and discussion groups for parents, special activities for siblings, and social events such as picnics and family fun nights.

Teacher Development Opportunities

The Suzuki Association of the Americas has established a Teacher Development Program that provides systematic, comprehensive training to help teachers grow in their understanding of the Suzuki philosophy and approach. Approved training is available from registered Teacher Trainers in violin, viola, cello, bass, piano, flute, guitar, harp, recorder, voice, accordion, brass, organ, Suzuki in the Schools and early childhood education. One of the most popular formats in which this training can be obtained is through intensive five-day courses offered at summer institutes.

The first course in the series is Every Child can, a cross-instrumental introduction to the Suzuki Method. Subsequent training is structured according to the Suzuki repertoire books for each instrument. This training is invaluable to all teachers, and is applicable to any teaching situation. Special overview and advanced repertoire classes are also available, and many institutes offer courses such as theory/reading, orchestral and chamber music repertoire, and improvisation, as well as sessions on Dalcroze, Orff, Kodaly, Alexander technique, and Kindermusik.

Reviews from Participants

Our family was really impressed with the institute. My six-year-old daughter, a first year violin student, was excited and motivated by the experience.

The training was invaluable! It gave me principles on which to base future teaching and provided an unlimited resource. I enjoyed the interaction with the other teachers in the class.
Teacher Training Participant

Institutes give students a tremendous leap forward. The five days of intensive concentration on playing and interacting with others seem to bring a deeper love for music.

The best thing about Suzuki Institute is the big recital at the end of the week. One of the most fun classes was when we got to act out our ensemble music with other kids. I also like playing duets.
Ten-year-old Student

To see so many children so happy doing constructive things was a great joy.

I attended a flute teacher training course and absolutely loved it! I learned many things that have made me a better person and player.
Teacher Training Participant

Attending a summer institute has become one of the most inspiring, motivating, and exciting weeks of the year for us.

Whether teachers come as students, observers, or staff, the esprit and sharing of ideas is very high. These exchanges are invaluable to me in my efforts to refine my teaching.

For me, the social aspect of an institute is important—meeting new people who have the same interests and talents. Music is even more fun when you share it with others. Institutes are an all around great way to improve your playing, technique, motivation, and self-esteem.
Thirteen-year-old Student

Reinforcement from different teachers at an institute can give parents and students a real boost. It’s also good to talk to other parents—to know that we are not alone in our exasperation and excitement. There is a real feeling of camaraderie.

My students and their parents have brought back institute experiences to share with the entire studio. Valuable ideas have come from teachers all across the country with great benefit to all my students.

Institutes give me a chance to play ensemble music. One year we had six grand pianos on the stage and my whole piano ensemble class played together. It was so fun!
Eleven-year-old Student