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Email, Teachers
Jennifer Visick 89 5 months ago

Discipline, Teacher Development, Teacher Perspectives, Teacher Resources, Teaching
Paula Bird 2 7 days ago

ABS, Adapted Instruments, Adapted Lessons, Bow, Charity, Music, Music Therapy, Non-profit, Special Needs, Students, Suzuki, Teachers, Technology
Cynthia Faisst 0 10 days ago

Games, Group Lessons
Kirbee Nykamp 1 16 days ago

Cello, Teacher Training, Trainers, Violin
Karis 9 19 days ago

Sylvia 9 23 days ago

Emily Balderrama 1 23 days ago

Audition, Auditions, Teacher Training, Training, Violin
Lynette 10 23 days ago

Bass, Cello
Marcie 11 24 days ago

Teaching, Twins
Emily Morgan 11 25 days ago

Friederike 6 1 month ago

Sarah de Boer-Murley 6 1 month ago

Babysitting, Childcare, Nanny, Nannying, Situation, Teaching, Violin
Daisy Squires 6 1 month ago

Christine 1 1 month ago

Shulamit Kleinerman 4 1 month ago

Setting Rates
Julia Bechtel 4 1 month ago

Box Violin, Group Class, Movement, Pre-Twinkle, Straight Bow, Straight Wrist
Elise Winters 3 1 month ago

Chloe Ross 2 1 month ago

Amy 1 1 month ago

Lessons, Parent Education, Parents, Suzuki Triangle
Henry Flurry 5 1 month ago

Leilah Smith 14 1 month ago

Flute, Workshop
Barbara Eadie 0 1 month ago

Flute, Workshop
Barbara Eadie 0 1 month ago

Robin Johnson 7 1 month ago

Bow, Straight Bow, Viola
Sanghoo Lee 5 1 month ago

Book 3, Music
Bethany Bracker 15 1 month ago

Advice Wanted, Middle School, Preschool, School, Violin
Bruce 1 1 month ago

Games, Parents, Play
Henry Flurry 1 1 month ago

Distance Learning, Technology, Viola
Lisa June 12 1 month ago

Performance, Piano, Recitals, Studio Management
Chloe Ross 5 2 months ago

Michelle Kathryn Suhr 1 2 months ago

Business of Teaching, Communication, Lessons, Studio Management
Renee Shaw 15 2 months ago

Left Hand, Violin, Violin Left-handers
Vasuhi Klinker 5 2 months ago

Andrea Simms 0 2 months ago

Accompaniment, Piano
Teresa 6 2 months ago

Book 3, Book 4, Cello
Abigail 4 3 months ago

Twinkle, Words
Pia 9 3 months ago

Rose Lander 0 3 months ago

7yearsold, Beginnermusic, Beginners, Needtips, Newexperience, Newviolinteacher, Teachingtips, Violinteachingtips
Zulle Ali 4 3 months ago

Friederike 11 3 months ago

Concerts, Recitals, Studio Management, Violin
Chloe Ross 10 4 months ago

Adventure, Afghanistan, Opportunity, Violin
Jennifer 0 4 months ago

Daniela Pardo 0 4 months ago

Book 1, ECC, Violin
Daniela Pardo 0 4 months ago

Eleanor Bennett 10 4 months ago

Adapted Lessons, Beginners, Bow, Bow Hold, Violin
Arlene 7 4 months ago

Audition, Teacher Training
Amanda Marie 8 5 months ago

Beginners, Piano, Rhythmic Training
Anna 11 5 months ago

Business, Studio Policy, Summer, Summer Lessons
Ian Salmon 22 5 months ago

Teens, Vibrato, Violin
Anna 8 5 months ago

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