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There are many ways to make a statement with your gift. One of the many ways in which the SAA supports its Suzuki community is by helping teachers who wish to pursue additional training. SAA has a number of memorial scholarship funds that enable us to support teachers through scholarship assistance for training courses. Please visit to get a glimpse into the lives and hearts of the people behind the scholarships.

When you make a donation to a scholarship fund, you are helping to make dreams come true. You are providing the opportunity for someone with dedication and determination, but perhaps with limited means, to pursue their goals. You are ensuring that Suzuki Education is perpetuated into the future. You are providing an opportunity for more children and families to enjoy music-making through the work of an informed and motivated teacher.

If you value the power of the SAA to be a learning community, make your donation to the scholarship fund of your choosing!

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Meet some of our SAA scholarship recipients!

Lucy Lewis recently completed her DMA at the University of Iowa and made the move to sunny southern California to join the faculty at California State University of San Bernardino. Her official title is “Assistant Professor of Orchestral Music Education.” Her duties include teaching applied violin and viola, directing the orchestral program, coaching chamber music, and teaching string methods and pedagogy. Lucy has received several scholarships over the years from the SAA and from SAA sanctioned summer institutes. From the SAA, Lucy was awarded the David Einfeldt Memorial Scholarship (2014) and the Joe Cleveland Memorial Scholarship (2011).

These scholarships made it possible for me to pursue my dreams as a young, developing educator. I am so grateful that the SAA and many institutes and individuals have had the foresight to recognize that investing in teachers is an invaluable investment in furthering the mission and vision that Dr. Suzuki had for developing “good citizens of this world with kind hearts,” one teacher, parent, and student at a time. The way you so generously support the professional development of teachers reflects the warm generosity of the man whose philosophy and methodology we all believe in, and the far-reaching effects of such generosity are something that none of us can ever fully comprehend. Blessings and many thanks to all of you who give; you are truly making a difference. —Lucy

Jared Balance received the Nell Novak Memorial Scholarship which is specifically designated to assist cellists in getting Suzuki teacher training. Jared and his wife recently moved to the Seattle area and are working hard to establish a joint studio. Jared teaches cello and Dalcroze Eurhythmics and Ruth Marie teaches violin and viola. They share group classes where everyone enjoys playing together and participating in Dalcroze classes.

Building a new Suzuki program in an area takes time. The SAA scholarships have made it possible to take training courses that improve my ability to help my students even when my studio is still very small and income is lean. —Jared

Julie Bamberger Roubik is a violin/viola instructor, as well as String Department Chair, at the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music in Milwaukee. Julie is dedicated to Suzuki Education and aspires to become a registered SAA Teacher Trainer. Julie received the Alberta Denk Memorial Scholarship and used the financial assistance to take teacher training that will move her closer to reaching her goal.

I was honored to be considered worthy of an SAA scholarship. The scholarship made it possible for me to take some time off from my duties at the conservatory without incurring a huge financial loss. I am grateful that the SAA has funds that enable teachers to get further training. None of us are in this business for the money, but we all want to be the best teachers we can be for our students. —Julie

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