Holiday Gifts



Do you have enough holiday ornaments and knick-knacks already? Would you like to offer new ideas to your student families on some great gift concepts? Some teachers have used these ideas in the past with considerable success—the families feel good expressing their appreciation of the teacher, and the teacher feels the gift is being put to good use.

Program directors, association directors and parent organizations!

You may want to suggest that gifts to teachers for the holiday season or end-of-the-school-year gifts be monetary, as many teachers appreciate collecting donations into a fund to help pay for their attendance at SAA Conferences or for continuing Teacher Training opportunities. Being a part of their teacher’s continuing education and professional development will benefit those families, as that teacher continues to grow.

Another idea is to suggest that families write a check for the amount they might have used purchasing a gift and send it to the SAA in honor of their teacher. Helping support the work of the SAA again ends up benefiting both the teacher and the families involved.

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