Job Listing Guide

Thank you for your interest in our job listings ad pages.

Posted jobs must be for Suzuki positions only, and an SAA membership is required to post an ad.

We offer $95 for the website only. Our website job page receives about 2,000 views monthly from internet users. Ads are ran for 90 days from the date it was posted to the web.

Submit Your Job Ad

Please inform us once you have filled the position, so that we can take it off our website. This is a courtesy to potential applicants using our job page.

Please include info for the following headings (or copy and paste the list below and delete parentheses):

Position: (Suzuki teacher by instrument name; e.g., Suzuki piano and cello teachers.)

Location: (City and state/province abbreviation only, without a comma between: Boulder CO.)

Description: (Some possibilities: the school history, reputation, who it serves, its size, if it’s in a small town/burb, what it’s near, benefits of the locale, local performing opportunities, etc., but brief please! Do not put the job description here, that should be under duties below.)

Duties: (job tasks)

Qualifications: (degree and SAA registered training level desired, if any. FYI there is no certification in Suzuki, so please do not put that word in your text; we only have registration of training credits.)

Salary: (if don’t want to disclose, can use “please contact for details” or “commensurate with experience” or other typical non-committal phrases)

Contact: (should include contact person’s name, title if applicable, school name, mailing address, phone, fax, email, and website as applicable. If you do not wish to list a particular one of these contact items in the copy, it must be contained in your correspondence to us for placing the ad, as we need this for our billing and ad contact records.)

Submit Your Job Ad

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us at [javascript protected email address]