Our Mission

The Suzuki Association of the Americas improves the quality of life in the Americas through Suzuki education. We create a learning community, which embraces excellence and nurtures the human spirit.

The Suzuki Method

Are you new to the Suzuki Method or do you just want to learn more?

Read the Suzuki Twinkler for an introduction to Dr. Suzuki’s education philosophy.

Dr. Suzuki

Shinichi Suzuki, the man who developed the Suzuki Method, died on January 26, 1998, at his home in Matsumoto, Japan. Though he lived to be 99 years old, Dr. Suzuki always seemed young. He was full of energy, and was cheerful and loving to everyone he met.

Read more about Dr. Suzuki’s life

What is the SAA?

The Suzuki Association of the Americas, Inc. is the organization officially licensed by the International Suzuki Association to support, guide, and promote Suzuki education in North, Central, and South America.

A nonprofit organization, the SAA was founded in 1972. Its membership of approximately 8,000 is a coalition of teachers, parents, educators, and others who are dedicated to making music and early childhood education available to all children throughout the Americas through the Suzuki Method.

The SAA is governed by a Board of Directors and managed by a staff in Boulder, Colorado. With the International Suzuki Association (ISA) and other regional associations, the SAA promotes and supports the spread of Dr. Suzuki’s Talent Education.

Read more about the International Suzuki Association on their website.

Read a history of the SAA’s first 25 years:
Bridges: Variations on a Theme

Also read, History and Timeline through 2011

What are some of the SAA’s programs and services?

Teacher Development Program

Opportunities for structured training in the Suzuki philosophy and approach. The SAA has approved training available from registered Teacher Trainers in violin, viola, cello, bass, piano, flute, recorder, guitar, harp, accordion, brass, early childhood education, organ, Suzuki in the Schools, and voice.

Teacher Scholarships

Scholarships available to assist teachers attending SAA-approved training at institutes, studios, and long-term training programs at colleges and universities.

American Suzuki Journal

Quarterly publication with stimulating ideas and information for teachers, parents, and others. Includes regular columns with specific ideas for teaching particular instruments and for parenting in the Suzuki context.

Teacher Registry Program

Registration of SAA-approved training courses completed by active members.

Teacher Location Service

Are you looking for a Suzuki teacher in your area with available studio space? Search a list of available Suzuki teachers.

Suzuki Job Listings

If you are looking for a Suzuki teaching position, go to our current list of Suzuki job openings around the country.

Conferences & Retreats

Meetings featuring master classes, inspiring programs, and opportunities for teachers and parents to share ideas. Special sessions for institute directors and leaders of state and regional associations.

Summer Student Workshops

Approved summer classes at institutes across the country. Opportunities for students and families to participate in Suzuki classes and enrichment courses that motivate and inspire.

Organizational Support

Assistance and networking for regional organizations of parents and/or teachers.

Resource Materials

Access to library of audio and video tapes, research information, etc.


Group programs for instrument insurance.

Suzuki Products

Take a look at the books and videos we offer for purchase. Some items include Nurtured by Love, First Class Tips for Suzuki Parents and 2008 Concert Video DVDs from the 13th Conference.

Discussion Forum

Join an ongoing online discussion between Suzuki parents and teachers.