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Board Statement of Support for AAPI

March 21, 2021

We add our collective voices to the chorus decrying violent and passive expressions of hate directed towards Asian members of our American fabric. The Suzuki method and philosophy originated in Asia from the brilliance of founder Shinichi Suzuki, whose summative mantra was “Where love is deep, much can be accomplished.” We extend deepest sorrow in regard to the most recent exhibit of hate towards Asian Americans, and express solidarity with our SAA members, students, and family members of Asian descent. Our mission continues to be to develop beautiful hearts through beautiful tone, and to encourage intentional respect and deep love for each teacher, student, and parent engaged in this life-long process of becoming. We all have a part to contribute in building a more just society in which everyone is safe, and where diverse voices are heard, treated with respect and dignity, and celebrated. —3/19/2020 Read more ▶

Report from the Latin American Teacher Trainers Committee French

April 30, 2021

Au sein du comité des formateurs enseignants, nous continuons à travailler pour avoir une communication fluide entre le bureau de la SAA, ce comité et le comité des associations Suzuki d’Amérique latine (un groupe qui rassemble des représentants du Brésil,… Read more ▶

Report from the Latin American Teacher Trainers Committee Portuguese

April 30, 2021

No Comitê de Formadores Professores continuamos trabalhando para ter uma comunicação fluida entre o escritório da SAA, este comitê e o comitê das Associações Suzuki da América Latina (grupo que reúne representantes do Brasil,… Read more ▶

Report from the Latin American Teacher Trainers Committee Spanish

April 30, 2021

En el Comité de Profesores Capacitadores seguimos trabajando para tener una comunicación fluída entre la oficina de la SAA, este comité y el comité de Asociaciones Suzuki de América Latina (grupo que reúne… Read more ▶

Report from the Latin American Teacher Trainers Committee

April 30, 2021

In the Committee of Teachers Trainers we continue working to have a fluid communication between the SAA office, this committee and the committee of Suzuki Associations of Latin America (a group that brings… Read more ▶

News from the AMMS Mexican Suzuki Method Association

April 30, 2021

- Suzuki Teachers Orchestra AMMS 2021 The Mexican Association enthusiastically brings information about the first performance of the Suzuki Teachers’ Orchestra AMMS. The orchestra’s members are exclusively teachers who belong to Academies recognized by the Association. The project arose from the… Read more ▶

Red Promesa

April 30, 2021

The group of teachers from Latin America invites everyone to attend a wonderful concert to get to know the Suzuki Method in different countries. You can follow the event through the YouTube channel and enjoy music directly in your homes. When:… Read more ▶

Red Promesa

April 30, 2021

O grupo de professores da América Latina convida a todos a assistir um maravilhoso concerto para conhecer o Método Suzuki em diferentes países. Você pode acompanhar o evento pelo canal do Youtube e desfrutar de música diretamente em seus lares. Quando:… Read more ▶

Red Promesa

April 30, 2021

El grupo de profesores de América Latina invita a todos a asistir a un maravilloso concierto para conocer el Método Suzuki en diferentes países. Puedes seguir el evento a través del canal de YouTube y disfrutar de la música directamente… Read more ▶

Novedades de la Asociacin Mexicana del Mtodo Suzuki

April 30, 2021

-Orquestra de Profesores Suzuki AMMS 2021 La Asociación Mexicana trae con entusiasmo información sobre la primera actuación de la Orquesta de Maestros Suzuki da AMMS. Los integrantes de la orquesta son exclusivamente profesores que pertenecen a Academias reconocidas por la Asociación.… Read more ▶

Novidades da Associao Mexicana do Mtodo Suzuki

April 30, 2021

- Orquestra de Professores Suzuki AMMS 2021 A Associação mexicana traz com entusiasmo informações sobre a primeira apresentação da Orquestra de Professores Suzuki AMMS. A orquestra tem como integrantes exclusivamente professores que pertencem às Academias reconhecidas pela Associação. O projeto surgiu… Read more ▶

Accordion enrichment course in Brazil Portuguese

April 30, 2021

O comitê de associações da América Latina se alegra em anunciar que realizou nova reunião no dia 16 de abril, na qual debateu pontos importantes para o bom funcionamento das associações e demais grupos de trabalhos em diferentes países. Discutimos… Read more ▶

Accordion enrichment course in Brazil Spanish

April 30, 2021

El Comité de asociaciones de América Latina se complace en anunciar que realizó una nueva reunión el 16 de abril, en la que se discutieron puntos importantes para el buen funcionamiento de las asociaciones y otros grupos de trabajo en… Read more ▶

Accordion enrichment course in Brazil

April 29, 2021

AMSBrasil (Suzuki Musical Association of Brazil) would like to express its joy at the offer of the “Suzuki Accordion Project” Enrichment course during the months of January to March 2021, with teacher Elena Enrico, from Italy. The lectures with her… Read more ▶

Canadians take the first step

April 29, 2021 by Gail Lange, Kathleen Schoen

Since the sad and distressful events of the summer of 2020 particularly in the U.S., the world has become awakened—or re-awakened to systemic racism—everywhere. There have been many manifestations of this re-awakening. Since the Confederation of Canada in 1967, Canadians… Read more ▶

Contacts for Latin American and Caribbean Countries

April 20, 2021

Contacts for Latin American and Caribbean Countries Read more ▶

Cherry Blossom Tree

April 9, 2021

View the SAA Cherry Tree Blossoms. Read more ▶

Institute Preview 2021

April 6, 2021

In case you missed it, here are the Previews for the upcoming summer institutes: Institute Preview: June 2021 Institute Preview: July 2021 Read more ▶

Relatrio do Comit de Associaes de Pases latinoamericanos

March 26, 2021

O Comitê de Associações de Países da América Latina se alegra em informar a importante reunião que ocorreu dia 19, na qual se discutiram alguns temas relacionados ao aprimoramento da comunicação com a SAA, e com a necessidade de definir… Read more ▶

Informe del Comit de Asociaciones de Pases latinoamericanos

March 26, 2021

Desde el Comité de Asociaciones de Países de América Latina nos alegra informar que el día viernes 19 de marzo se mantuvo una importante reunión en la cual se discutieron algunos temas relacionados con la mejora de la comunicación con… Read more ▶

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