American Suzuki Journal 47.1

Published December 2018

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American Suzuki Journal 47.1

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What We Studied Lessons with and from Dr Suzuki

What We Studied: Lessons with and from Dr. Suzuki

A Pioneering Suzuki in the Schools Program Greenville Suzuki Strings

A Pioneering Suzuki in the Schools Program: Greenville Suzuki Strings

Noticing the Little Things in Suzuki Early ChildhoodEducation

There are many “tall tales” about conversations with, and quotes from, Dr. Suzuki. One of my favorite tales goes something like this: A mother is speaking with Dr. Suzuki about how to create the perfect environment for a Suzuki method… Read more ▶

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Chairs Column Suzuki for All Seasons

Chair’s Column: Suzuki for All Seasons

Your Teacher is an Undercover Superhero and You Are the Key A special message for students and their parents too

This might seem like a stretch, the claim in this title. I mean, your teacher is fabulous, of course: friendly, knowledgeable, skilled—but a superhero? Not exactly! What you do not realize is that she is deep undercover, like Bob Parr… Read more ▶

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The Viola Tone

The Viola Tone

Teaching & Learning

Motivating Musicians Part III Motivating Parents

Motivating Musicians Part III: Motivating Parents

Latin America

Reflections on the Advancement of the Suzuki Method in Santiago de CubaHow the dream of two violin teachers became reality

Santiago de Cuba is a city known for its rich history and its distinctive cultural influence. Located in southeast Cuba, with more than five centuries since its founding, this eclectic city is known as the “capital of the Caribbean.” A musical… Read more ▶

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Reflexiones sobre el desarrollo del Mtodo de Suzuki en Santiago de Cuba Decmo el sueo de dos maestras de violn se convirti en realidad

Santiago de Cuba es una ciudad conocida por su rica historia y sus influencias culturales distintivas. Ubicada al suroriente de Cuba, la Capital del Caribe como también se le conoce, es una urbe ecléctica, con más de cinco siglos de… Read more ▶

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Stories, Poems & Tributes

In Memoriam Leena KareojaCrothers

In Memoriam: Leena Kareoja-Crothers

News & Information

Resources for the Suzuki Researcher

A riddle for you: What has 102 entries pertaining to the many aspects of Suzuki Method, is easy to find on a website, and is updated every two years? Give up? It’s the Suzuki Bibliography on the website of the… Read more ▶

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Early Experiences Elevate Everything What does a pediatrician want Suzukiteachers to know

Pediatrician Dipesh Navsaria delivered a fascinating keynote speech at the 2018 SAA Conference that revolved around what he referred to as “the world of the early brain.” He talked about many concepts that Suzuki teachers would find familiar, including the… Read more ▶

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