A riddle for you: What has 102 entries pertaining to the many aspects of Suzuki Method, is easy to find on a website, and is updated every two years? Give up? It’s the Suzuki Bibliography on the website of the International Research Symposium on Talent Education. Just go to IRSTE.org and click on Scholarly Resources in the left menu.

This list of academic papers written about the Suzuki Method was first compiled by Dr. Alice Ann O’Neill in 2010. Every two years since then, other members of the IRSTE Research Group have updated the list with the authors and titles of newly published dissertations and articles in research journals. This list can be very helpful to you if you are needing to do a review of literature for your master’s or doctorate degree or are simply interested in topics such as, “The Suzuki Talent Education Method from a Psychological Perspective,” or “A Model for the Implementation of a Suzuki Violin Program for the Day-care Center Environment: An Evaluation of its Effectiveness and Impact,” or “Sample Lessons Plans to Effectively Incorporate Group Lessons into the Private Studio of Young Beginning Suzuki Piano Students.” These are just three of the 85 entries you will find there.

Here is a more detailed summary:

Year Range of Studies: 1966-2017

Instrument Specific:

  • Cello—3
  • Violin—12
  • Viola—3
  • Piano—6
  • Clarinet—1
  • Saxophone—1
  • Guitar—2
  • Flute—2
  • Voice—1
  • Early Childhood Music Education Issues—5
  • Philosophy / Method Studies—13
  • Public School Program Studies—4
  • Historical Research—8
  • Empirical Studies—17
  • Curriculum—3
  • Miscellaneous—7

In addition, there is a list of 17 articles about the Suzuki Method published in other journals such as the Music Educator’s Journal, Teaching Music, the Canadian Music Educator, and the American String Teacher, to name a few. If you’re a researcher yourself who knows of relevant publications that aren’t reflected in our current list, please don’t hesitate to let us know!

Besides the bibliography, the IRSTE.org Scholarly Resources page contains links to articles about research projects completed by the IRSTE Research Group, as well as proceedings from 10 of the 14 symposia.

Next time you’re surfing the web, take a look at IRSTE.org. And if research interests you, make plans now for joining us before the 2020 SAA Biennial Conference for the 15th International Research Symposium on Talent Education.