American Suzuki Journal 40.4

Published September 2012

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American Suzuki Journal 40.4


A True Symbiosis Robertson and Sons Violin Shop and the SAA

A Kaleidoscope of Talent One of the highlights of the 2012 SAA Conference was the Kaleidoscope Concert. Just as the name suggests, the concert provided a colorful and diverse display of children of various ages, on a variety of instruments, and representing… Read more ▶

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2012 Forty and Forward

The 2012 SAA Conference, “40 and Forward!” was a landmark event that featured quality, quantity, and a passion for learning and sharing. After two years of brainstorming and planning, it was thrilling to see and feel real people gather together in real time and a real space, ready to go forward! Read more ▶

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Beauty and Enrichment for Cellists

More than 110 cello teachers attended the 2012 Conference in Minneapolis. They were treated to a buffet of stimulating cello sessions. Read more ▶

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Creativity and Inspiration for Suzuki Bass Teachers

Summary of Bass sessions at the 2012 SAA Conference. Read more ▶

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Flute Area Offered a Full Array of Activities

The 2012 SAA Conference was an amazing four days for the flute teachers. We had twenty-eight teachers from nine US states and two Canadian provinces, as well as fourteen students ages 9–19 from six states and Argentina. Our session topics… Read more ▶

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Working in Harmony Chamber Music at the Conference

Chamber music at this year’s conference consisted of two groups, a harp duo, The Timpanogos Duo, and a string quintet, The Quint-Essentials. Both groups were highly polished and poised. They rehearsed on their own, had classes with members of the… Read more ▶

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General Sessions at the 2012 Conference

This year’s conference offered a veritable feast of information and inspiration, not only in rich instrument area presentations, but also in the General Sessions category. Each session was a gift from the presenter to all present. Read more ▶

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Guitars Make History at the Conference

There were many memorable moments at the 2012 SAA Conference, 40 and Forward! It was a great time to share our love and passion for teaching, try some new music for guitar ensemble, listen to our colleagues, and dream of… Read more ▶

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Master Classes Harp Maintenance and Much More

The Suzuki harp teachers in the Americas, though one of the smallest groups represented at the conference, were nonetheless encouraged and engaged in the several harp sessions and master classes given by the presenters. Guest clinician Karen Gottlieb, from San Francisco,… Read more ▶

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International Ensembles Concert

International Ensembles committee members Carol Waldvogel and Sandra Payton had a great time attending to the needs of the three groups chosen to perform at the International Ensembles Concert on Saturday night. Harpeth Suzuki Strings (Franklin, Tennessee), Concorde Strings (Guelph,… Read more ▶

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Growing in Strength and Enthusiasm Suzuki Early Childhood Education

“Dr. Suzuki, you seem to be more interested in the success of the early childhood programs than anything else. Is that right?” Suzuki replied, “Yes. It is so important, the early training. It is difficult to get support for this… Read more ▶

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40 and Forward Words from the Board

As teachers, we are always giving, but in return we are blessed with gifts well beyond our sacrifices. Churchill wrote, “We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.” Maybe this is the reason so many of us continue teaching well beyond a retirement age. Read more ▶

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S eh eh Canadians meet at Minneapolis Conference

A group of Canadian teachers met over lunch at the SAA Conference in May, to discuss our shared issues. We have one: distance. And we have a lot of it. Read more ▶

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Piano Schedule Packed with Inspiration

Piano Concerto Featured Gavin George

I have known of Gavin George for a while, I have heard his teacher Mary Craig Powell talk about him; I have listened to his recording on YouTube. I knew he was a very special boy, who loved piano and… Read more ▶

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A Very Special Event The Kaleidoscope Concert at Minnesota Orchestra Hall

With the beautiful hall of the Minnesota Orchestra as the setting, fourteen young musicians were featured in concert at a first-of-its-kind event for the SAA. The Kaleidoscope Concert brought together talented students from around the country performing pieces from and beyond the Suzuki repertoire. Read more ▶

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Bass Rising An Interview with Nicholas Walker

Bassist Nicholas Walker, guest clinician for bass at the 2012 SAA Conference, sat down to speak with me following Time for Three’s performance at the conference. Read more ▶

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Suzuki Youth Orchestras of the Americas Another Fantastic Year

Members of the Suzuki Youth Orchestras of the Americas (SYOA) presented their concert Sunday afternoon. The audience was treated to an experience rich with quintessential Suzuki tone, electrifying energy and exemplary musicianship. Outstanding conductors Emmett Drake (SYOA 1) and Kirsten… Read more ▶

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Renata Pereira Featured in Recorder Sessions

The recorder events at the recent SAA Biennial Conference had a very international flavour, with participants from Bermuda, Brazil, and Canada as well as the United States. Teachers and students worked together with our clinician, Renata Pereira, to perform a… Read more ▶

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Lansdale Lewis and Lieb Among Violin Highlights

The conference sessions for violinists provided a menu of irresistible treats. There were so many intriguing titles that it was impossible to see everything on my list of top picks. On the flip side, no one complained of opting to… Read more ▶

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Master Classes with Kirsten Docter Kick Off Viola Sessions

At this historical conference celebrating the 40th anniversary of the SAA, the viola sessions were right in keeping with the spirit of celebration. From those focusing on Bach to the traditional viola reading session, we were honoring the past while… Read more ▶

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Time for Three Concert SAA 40th Anniversary Birthday Event

The lights dimmed in the Grand Ballroom, and a hush fell over the audience as they anticipated the entrance of Tf3. Thunderous applause welcomed musicians Zach De Pue, Ranaan Meyer and Nick Kendall (grandson of American Suzuki pioneer John Kendall).… Read more ▶

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Creating Learning Community Awards 2012

The Suzuki Association of the Americas presented the 2012 Creating Learning Community Awards on Saturday, May 26, during a ceremony at the SAA 15th Biennial Conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Recipients were Pamela Reit: “The Heart and Soul of Green Mountain Suzuki”… Read more ▶

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The International Research Symposium on Talent Education A Collaborative Space for Teachers and Researchers

I had no idea how cool this was going to be,” Ann Shurtz said to me during the catered snack break on Thursday afternoon. Ann was a first-time attendee at the Eleventh International Research Symposium on Talent Education, a pre-SAA… Read more ▶

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Suzuki in the Schools Featured Parker Elementary and More

The SAA 15th Biennial Conference was a huge success from many perspectives. The days of May 24-28, in Minneapolis were full and inspiring. The Keynote addresses were enlightening and inspiring for all members: Laurel Trainor reviewed research from cognitive and… Read more ▶

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Chairs Column The Other Suzuki Triangle

The Suzuki Triangle is a term used to describe the powerful relationship that develops among students, teachers and parents. Read more ▶

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Practicing Quiz 2 The Sequel

You know how it feels when you keep saying the same thing over and over, and it doesn’t seem to be getting through? Some years ago I felt this way, and the result was my first Practicing Quiz—basically, a repackaging of the same old information in a new format, with the objective of getting my students’ attention. Read more ▶

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Teaching & Learning

Public and Private Twinkles They Are Not So Different

I have known since October 2011 that I would be taking the Parker Elementary cellists to the Suzuki Association of the America’s Biennial Conference in May 2012, and that the performance would be a highlight and culmination of the work we did this school year. Read more ▶

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Strengthening Your Ensemble Program

Playing music with other musicians is one of the greatest joys that come with learning a musical instrument. Read more ▶

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Revitilizing Repetitions How Our Studio Became a Club and Fostered a Suzuki Community

Inspired by the 2011 Intermountain Suzuki String Institute, I reflected on my home studio and what goals I wanted to set for the year. Read more ▶

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Photos on the Wall An Environment for Excellence and Beauty

Every day for the past eight months, photos of my students’ bow hands have greeted me as I walk into my teaching studio and drawn me into the world of violin teaching. Read more ▶

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Latin America

About the First Week of Suzuki Teacher Training and the Ninth Spring Retreat

One of the measures taken by military dictatorship that ruled Brazil between 1964 and 1985 was the withdrawal of musical training from the curricula of Brazilian schools. Read more ▶

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News From Here & There

Suzuki Recorder Student Named as a 2012 US Presidential Scholars in the Arts

On Monday, June 28, a young recorder player named Bryan Duerfeldt performed on the stage of the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, DC, along with the other 2012 US Presidential Scholars in the Arts. Read more ▶

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News & Information

Parents as Partners Online 2012 WrapUp

From January 30 through June 30, more than 6900 parents and teachers enrolled in the 2012 Parents as Partners Online event. This SAA offering aimed to provide a dose of parent education, as well as nurture, inspire and rejuvenate participants. Read more ▶

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