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Practicing Can Be Hard  Season 2 Episode 3

August 1, 2018 by Brittany Gardner, Jessica Lahey, Margaret Watts Romney

Music practice has its highs and lows. Sometimes we reach a state of bliss and flow as we find the perfect balance of competence, challenge, and creativity with our instrument. Or, sometimes we can feel like Sisyphus; over and over… Read more ▶

Play with Others and Fast Track Your Progress

July 10, 2018 by Melanie Doderai

When signing up for music lessons, students can expect to attend a weekly lesson, to practice regularly at home and to repeat this process every week. Knowing that this requires many hours of commitment, new families often ask why I… Read more ▶

Can Every Parent

August 11, 2017 by Holly Blackwelder Carpenter

From the Video Series Parents As Partners Online 2015 A few weeks ago I received a text message from my brother (Suzuki parent with 3 children) It read “I know every child can, but I am not sure that this parent… Read more ▶

Volviendo a la bsico lo que todo profesor quiere saber Lucy Shaw

August 11, 2017 by Lucy Shaw

Soy Lucy Shaw y tengo un estudio Suzuki privado en las afueras de Seattle en el estado de Washington. Mi artículo de hoy se titula Volviendo a la básico, lo que todo profesor quiere saber. Recientemente empecé un nuevo estudio de… Read more ▶

Consejos y nimo para padres Suzuki BrittanyGardner

August 11, 2017 by Brittany Gardner

Hola, mi nombre es Brittany Gardner y soy profesora de cello en Salt Lake City. Me emociona participar en Parents as Partners (Padres como compañeros) y espero que lo que hoy tengo que decir les sea útil.   He pasado tiempo en todas las esquinas del Triángulo Suzuki. Primero fui estudiante y… Read more ▶

Ideias Importantes para se Considerar no Papel de MePai Suzuki

August 11, 2017 by Teri Einfeldt

“Primeiro o caráter, depois a habilidade”, já dizia o Dr. Suzuki. A experiência Suzuki é sobre a sua criança, o instrumento é secundário. Observe como a sua criança aprende coisas novas, estimulando a formação de caráter e fortalecendo a autoconfiança… Read more ▶

Um pai Suzuki persistente

August 11, 2017 by Paul Davidson

“Papai, você pode me ouvir tocar? Eu quero saber se a parte A da música está melhor do que a parte B!” Esse pedido de escuta foi feito quando minha filha tocava um trecho de uma música como preparação para… Read more ▶

Algunas ideas importantes para tener presentes en tu rol como pap o mam Suzuki

August 11, 2017 by Teri Einfeldt

El Dr. Suzuki siempre decía “primero el carácter, luego la habilidad”. En la experiencia Suzuki, tu hijo está primero y tocar el instrumento después. Observa cómo aprende tu hijo, nutriendo su espíritu y ayudándole a fortalecer su confianza en sí… Read more ▶

De volta ao bsico tudo que o professor quer que voc saiba

August 11, 2017 by Lucy Shaw

Bem-vindos a edição de 2013 da PPO (Pais Parceiros Online). Meu nome é Lucy Shaw e eu tenho um estúdio Suzuki perto de Seattle, no estado de Washington. O título do meu discurso de hoje é: De Volta ao Básico,… Read more ▶

AuntRhodyorgmdashFree Parent Education Resource for Suzuki Programs

April 22, 2014 by Susan Sommerville

John was asleep again on my studio’s sofa as his eldest daughter took her lesson. The notebook on his lap contained only a few stokes of ink, obviously not enough to be of use at home practices. And anyway, in… Read more ▶

High Notes Off to a Great Start

September 18, 2012 by Susan Baer

Embarking on the journey to mastery of a stringed instrument requires a certain degree of courage, even when starting firmly entrenched in the belief that every child can. Read more ▶

Parents as Partners Online 2012 WrapUp

September 1, 2012 by Christie Felsing

From January 30 through June 30, more than 6900 parents and teachers enrolled in the 2012 Parents as Partners Online event. This SAA offering aimed to provide a dose of parent education, as well as nurture, inspire and rejuvenate participants. Read more ▶

Important Ideas to Remember in Your Role as a Suzuki Parent

March 21, 2012 by Teri Einfeldt

Dr. Suzuki always said “character first, ability second.” The Suzuki experience is about your child first, playing the instrument second. Watch how your child learns, nurturing your child’s spirit and building her self confidence, yet instilling a sense of achieving excellence… Read more ▶

November is Parent Education Month

August 26, 2010

SAA will be hosting a special online parent education program in November. More details to pass on to your studio parents will be available in next month’s newsletter. Read more ▶

How to Choose a Teacher

June 21, 2005

Find a Teacher Locate a Suzuki teacher in your area with the Find a Teacher search. When you have determined that you would like your child to learn an instrument through the Suzuki Method, you will want to find a teacher to… Read more ▶

Creating a Parent Education Program

November 1, 2002 by Mark Marston, Cynara Pierzina

As Suzuki teachers, we all recognize the importance of providing our students’ parents with education in the Suzuki method, preferably before the child starts lessons. Just as parents should be certain that their child’s teacher has received adequate training, teachers… Read more ▶

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