American Suzuki Journal 40.3

Cover picture by Sherry Ferrante

Published May 2012

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American Suzuki Journal 40.3


Chairs Column Summer Institutes Why They Matter

There are few things more exciting to a child than a family vacation. I remember traveling with my family to Atlantic City, Cape Cod, Wasaga Beach, New York City, Sea World and many other places. My memories are not of… Read more ▶

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A Star for Dallas and Grant

Here come the young Durham boys bounding up the front steps for their weekly lessons. With violin cases blithely slung on their backs, their hands clutch the toy airplanes and tanks that they’ve brought to show me. They bubble over… Read more ▶

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Catching Up with Connie Sheu

At the SAA Conference this year, our guitar clinician will be Connie Sheu, known to us all as the little girl whose pictures are featured in the Suzuki Guitar School, Volume I. Connie was kind enough to have an interview, which I am pleased to present here. Read more ▶

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Interview with Nick Kendall Time for Three

I spoke with Nick (grandson of American Suzuki pioneer John Kendall) as he was preparing for Time for Three’s March 8 debut at Carnegie Hall as soloists with the Boston Pops Orchestra. Read more ▶

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Grace Notes Brief Tips for Suzuki Teachers

This column features a variety of brief tips for Suzuki teachers. Read more ▶

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Teaching & Learning

Young and Old

With a tip of the hat to Kay Slone—of course we all agree that they’re “rarely too young,” but… “never too old?” Read more ▶

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Suzuki and Fiddling A Natural Combination

Fiddling is fun. You will find it hard to keep your feet from tapping and your mood from lifting when playing fiddle music. Read more ▶

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Scheduling Without Losing Your Sanity

Ah, summer! The smell of flowers, fresh vegetables, and the water… and then, there’s the thought of scheduling our students for the new school year. Read more ▶

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Same Different and Similar Finding Your Way in Music

Have you ever had trouble getting a child to practice a piece by starting somewhere other than the beginning of the piece? Read more ▶

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Teaching Students with Autism Strategies that Work

When considering music lessons for their children, parents of kids on the autism spectrum often seek out Suzuki teachers. Read more ▶

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Music A Window into the World of Autism

What do parents do when their two year old child is quiet, does not point to things and says, “look” and sits like a stone in his car seat? Read more ▶

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Can Everyone Be Winners

Festivals, competitions, auditions, and tests are all a part of being a musician. As a “dyed in the wool” Suzuki teacher, I feel it is often just too cruel and counterproductive to have winners and losers. Read more ▶

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The Suzuki Teacher Becomes a Suzuki Parent

Like all parents, we discovered that after the first few years, there was still a massive job ahead of us—maybe not as tiring physically, but emotionally and mentally very demanding. The funny thing is children continue to change and transform endlessly, and so we keep adapting and growing with them, never feeling quite like experts at this job. Read more ▶

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Latin America

Latin America Update News from Peru

News from Peru David Evenchick, cello teacher trainer from Canada, writes: Thanks to the Suzuki Association of Peru and the SAA I have had the honor and privilege of teaching in Latin America. As members of the Suzuki community we understand that… Read more ▶

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Costa Rica Suzuki Festival 2012

“Where love is deep, much can be accomplished.” —Shinichi Suzuki More than 110 students, representing the whole spectrum of Suzuki string playing from Twinkles to Book Ten and beyond, enjoyed a week of music, learning and fun at the Fifth Annual… Read more ▶

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2012 A Festival that Continues Growing Up

Under the slogan associated with music for a better world, in 2008, Colombia celebrated ten years of Suzuki Festivals. Since then, the organizing team has not stopped their joint efforts to continue making this wonderful experience possible. Today, in the… Read more ▶

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News From Here & There

The Rocky Mountain Strings Great Adventure An Exchange with Suzuki Students in Turnhout Belgium

The connection that began this adventure started in Turin, Italy at the Suzuki World Convention in 2006. After hearing a concert where the Rocky Mountain Strings performed, Koen Rens invited RMS students to go to Belgium for a workshop with his students. Read more ▶

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Community in Conference The Workings of a Successful Suzuki Conference

What do seventy Suzuki teachers, 100 families, and the Prime Minister of Canada have in common? They all joined forces to create the 2011 Ontario Suzuki Conference, in Barrie, Canada. Read more ▶

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The UWSP Suzuki Strings Mentoring Program at 15 Years What It Is and How Far Weve Come

The UWSP Suzuki Strings Mentoring Program (SSMP) was launched September 11–12, 2010. The three brave mentees arrived on the UWSP campus from Lincoln, NE, Watertown, WI, and Monument, CO. Read more ▶

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Stories, Poems & Tributes

Lets Celebrate Doris Koppelmans Life

Doris died peacefully on September 11, 2011, accompanied by her sons, while I was on my way to Guanajuato, México, for their VI Festival Suzuki. Etna Diemecke and I dedicated the Festival to the celebration of Doris’ life. Her life inspired us to work with yet more dedication, more energy and more persistence towards the fulfillment of Dr Suzuki’s dream: a world without violence and conflicts, a world of love, peace and compassion. Read more ▶

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Yasuko S Joichi Oct 1 1945Dec 28 2011

Mrs. Joichi was a beloved Suzuki Piano Teacher and SAA Teacher Trainer. She served on the faculty of the Music Institute of Chicago, worked on the Suzuki Piano repertoire revisions committee and taught at many institutes and workshops. She studied… Read more ▶

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