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Buffalo-Niagara Suzuki Institute
Buffalo, NY

Suzuki in the Schools courses and Enrichment Classes explore the application of Suzuki philosophy and materials in classroom settings. The Suzuki in the Schools Course presents strategies for incorporating Suzuki philosophy and methodology in the beginning stages of technical instruction. A sequenced repertoire that supports the technical and musical study of beginning level students in the string class setting will be presented and opportunities for transfer to other learning situations will be discussed. Effective learning sequences that focus on the development of excellent fundamental skills will be the focus of each class session. Participants will acquire a basic understanding of fundamental principles of learning, and practice creating successful learning experiences that effectively change student thinking and behavior. The courses are taught by SAA registered Suzuki in the Schools trainers and includes 25 hours of classroom instruction and observation in live and video settings. Participants wishing to register the course with the SAA must have completed and registered ECC and Book 1 in their individual instrument. The technical aspects of the curriculum are focused on violin, viola, cello and bass, however transfer of learning principles and adaptation of materials can be applicable to any instrument.


July 2023

For Teachers Instructor



Teacher Fees

Registration Fee $35

Suzuki in the Schools Level 1 $600
Suzuki in the Schools Level 2 $600
Enrichment course: Reimagining Literacy for String Teachers $225

Only pay the registration fee 1x if you are registering for more than one course.


College/University Credit

Full time students registered for the 2023-2024 academic year can receive a $100 scholarship for the Level 1 or Level 2 Class.
contact Dr. Laurie Scott [javascript protected email address] for more information


Full-time College Student Scholarships

For Students, Amount: $100, Application due: June 1
College Students seeking financial assistance who are enrolled in a degree program for the 2023-24 academic year should email the Institute director ([javascript protected email address]) to submit verification of academic enrollment and a statement of financial need.

Housing & Meals

All three courses for Suzuki in the Schools will be offered online.

Other Info

What teachers say about this course:

"As a classroom strings educator and private Suzuki teacher, the Suzuki in the Schools course has had a significant impact on both my classroom teaching and private studio. This training provides a sequenced repertoire, succinct technical blueprint, and note reading curriculum, married together in a way that can be differentiated and adapted to any classroom setting. My students are blossoming from this work. The sequenced repertoire allows me to constantly review and deepen skills, making the students feel capable and confident. The technique work provides an instant vocabulary for the fingerboard, transferable to all instruments and perfect for the heterogenous classroom. The note reading curriculum leaves no stone unturned, allowing the reading process to develop in parallel with the instrument, and easily integrated once good posture is established. In my private studio, the course material is just as applicable, allowing for the full education of the whole child, and a common technique vocabulary easily utilized in both lessons and group class. Suzuki teaching is just good teaching, and classroom string education would benefit a great deal from more teachers utilizing this training and curriculum."

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