From the First Heartbeat

A mother and child have a natural connection from conception. The development of an infant within the womb is optimized in a peaceful environment. Suzuki used music to create an environment of beauty within which the sensitivity of a child (unborn and born) could blossom. The ability to connect with the Mother and others provides the foundation of how he or she relates to others throughout his or her life and provides a platform from which the child’s awareness of, compassion and empathy for others soars.
This is one of three videos which comprise an SECE series produced by Wan Tsai Chen.

Video by Wan Tsai Chen

Wan Tsai Chen

Wan Tsai truly believes that everyone can help change the world in their own small way! Her passion in teaching is to encourage students to become compassionate people with outstanding characters, using music as the medium.

Her devotion has led her to be an active advocator of Every Child Can in the global Suzuki communities. She has been passionately teaching violin for over 30 years and Suzuki early childhood education (SECE) for over 20. Wan Tsai is currently the Artistic Director for the Suzuki Talent Education Society in Calgary, Alberta since 2001. She also serves on SAA Board, SAA and ARSA SECE Teacher Trainer, SAA SECE committee member. She has been a clinician and presenter at workshops and institutes worldwide.

She received her B.A. in Music Performance from the Chinese Culture University and her M.A. in Curriculum and Teaching from Michigan State University.

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