Nurturing Thinking Minds: Become a Thought Leader


Becoming a Suzuki teacher changed my life! Becoming a reflective Suzuki educator has changed the lives of students, parents and teacher trainees. Dr. Suzuki’s commitment to continual learning inspired my intellectual curiosity, challenged me to acquire deeper thinking skills, and conclude that nurturing includes recognizing the value of the child’s ability to learn. Join this interactive session. Learn to stimulate curiosity and discovery, teach by asking essential questions, and develop “Reflective Thinking Routines.”


Through this inter-active session, develop teachers’ ability to use more reflective teaching, resulting in student-powered, teacher-guided learning.
Nurture a child’s natural curiosity and love of learning.
Honor Dr. Suzuki’s time-proven philosophy that excellent learning nurtures fine and noble human beings with beautiful hearts.
Develop a deeper respect and appreciation for the Suzuki method of teaching.

Video by Jane Kutscher Reed

Jane Kutscher Reed

Jane Kutscher Reed A Suzuki Piano Teacher Trainer from Greenville, SC, with a degree in Piano Performance. Her international workshops and speaking engagements focus on the value of Suzuki Parent and Teacher Education, the importance of Nurturing Thinking Minds, and the Art of Asking Questions.

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