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A Thousand Bow Holds You Must Be Kidding

August 11, 2017 by Barbara Balatero

From the Video Series, Parents as Parnters Online 2016 When I have a new cello student, one of the first big assignments I give them is to make 1,000 good bow holds. I don’t allow my students to place the bow… Read more ▶

Mil tomas de arco Debes estar bromeando

August 11, 2017 by Barbara Balatero

Cuando tengo un estudiante de violonchelo, una de las primeras tareas que le asigno es lograr 1.000 tomas de arco correctas. No permito que los estudiantes pongan el arco en la cuerda hasta que dicha tarea esté lograda. Así que… Read more ▶

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