Hartt Suzuki Institute

Hartt Suzuki Institute
West Hartford, CT


July 2023

For Students

For Teachers Instructor



Student Fees

Books 1-3 $550
Books 4-6 $600
Books 7+ $650

Teacher Fees

  • Every Child Can $160
  • Unit 1 (Violin, Guitar) $800
  • Unit 2 (Violin, Piano) $500
  • Unit 3 (Violin) $500
  • Units 4 (Violin) $500
  • "The Power of the Group" (Violin) $500
  • Violin Spiccato (Violin) $375
  • "My Left Arm"—Anatomy for Musicians $375

College/University Credit

One graduate credit may be earned through the University of Hartford for qualified participants in approved courses. Additional fees apply.

Housing & Meals

Visit for update information:

The SAA sets guidelines for Suzuki institutes, festivals and teacher workshops and sanctions separate organizations to manage such events. For specific information on schedules, enrollment, pricing, housing, etc. please contact sponsoring organizations directly. Please see the Event Listing Guide regarding the posting of events.