Greater Austin Suzuki Institute

Greater Austin Suzuki InstituteGreater Austin Suzuki Institute
Austin, TX

The Greater Austin Suzuki Institute is designed to inspire and enrich the lives of students, their families, and the community by offering high quality learning and musical experiences as modeled by Japanese pedagogue Shinichi Suzuki.

The program is designed for violin, viola and cello students who currently study through the Suzuki Method, offering activities for students, parents, and teachers. Families attend the Institute together and participate in a wide range of musical and enrichment activities including master classes, repertoire classes, group classes, orchestra, recitals, and more!

Additionally, Suzuki Institutes serve as a training center for Suzuki teachers, which is a way that teachers share ideas, learn new perspectives, and grow. Teacher development follows the approved teacher training curriculum of the SAA.

Our diverse faculty of world renown pedagogues includes many teachers who call Austin their home. We want to share the spirit of community and share an experience that is uniquely Austin. Come join us and be inspired to be a part of the Suzuki community.


No upcoming events. Please check back later for future events.



Student Fees

Student (Non Orchestra)
$450* Tuition Early Bird (by 3/1)
$475* Tuition Regular (by 5/1)
$500* Late Registration (after 5/1)

Student (Orchestra)
$500* Tuition-Early Bird (by 3/1)
$525* Tuition-Standard (by 5/1)
$550* Tuition-Late (after 5/1)

Young Artist Program
$725* Tuition-Early Bird (by 3/1)
$750* Tuition-Standard (by 5/1)
$775* Tuition-Late (after 5/1)
Advanced Camp Students studying Violin Volume 7 and up or Viola and Cello Suzuki Volume 5 and up.

Enrichments $50 each

Suzuki Early Childhood Education $100

*All Fees includes $25 Registration & $25 non-refundable Deposit

Teacher Fees

Every Child Can!
$125* Early Bird (by 3/1)
$135* Regular (by 5/1)
$150* Late Registration (after 5/1)

Violin Unit 1
$750* Early Bird (by 3/1)
$775* Regular (by 5/1)
$800* Late Registration (after 5/1)

Violin Overview 1-3, Unit 2, 3, 4
Viola Overview 1-3, Unit 5
Cello Unit 6, 7
$465* Early Bird (by 3/1)
$490* Regular (by 5/1)
$515* Late Registration (after 5/1)

*- Tuition includes $50 non-refundable Deposit and SAA fees.

Housing & Meals

Housing is available convenient to the campus at one of the many hotels close by.

Meal plan available at St. Andrew’s Episcopal for students, parents and teacher participants.

Off campus, there are a wide variety of food options nearby to suit every taste and budget, from barbecue and burgers to sushi, award-winning vegetarian restaurants, Austin’s well-known, trailer food parks and everything in between.


Austin is a beautiful capital city focused on supporting small, unique, local business. There are a number of great places to explore the outdoors, from Zilker Park with it’s 15 minute train ride and the great playscape including a “music scape” where kids can play on a variety of giant xylophones, to Lady Bird Johnson Lake where you can rent canoes, kayaks and paddle boards, Barton Springs Pool, and hiking trails in and around the city. There are also many incredible food options available in Austin. Visit the for things to do in Austin.

The SAA does not run the workshops and summer institutes; it approves separate businesses to run them. For specific information on schedules, enrollment, pricing, housing, etc. please contact sponsoring organizations directly with inquiries. To get your event listed here, please see the Event Listing Guide.