Teri Einfeldt

Teri Einfeldt is chair of the Suzuki department and adjunct professor at the University of Hartford’s The Hartt School An SAA registered teacher trainer, Teri is a frequent clinician at workshops and institutes throughout the United States Teri has taught at International Conferences in Australia, Italy, and Japan.

The Changing Role of the Suzuki Parent

The Changing Role of the Suzuki Parent

Ideias Importantes para se Considerar no Papel de MePai Suzuki

August 11, 2017 by Teri Einfeldt

“Primeiro o caráter, depois a habilidade”, já dizia o Dr. Suzuki. A experiência Suzuki é sobre a sua criança, o instrumento é secundário. Observe como a sua criança aprende coisas novas, estimulando a formação de caráter e fortalecendo a autoconfiança… Read more ▶

Algunas ideas importantes para tener presentes en tu rol como pap o mam Suzuki

August 11, 2017 by Teri Einfeldt

El Dr. Suzuki siempre decía “primero el carácter, luego la habilidad”. En la experiencia Suzuki, tu hijo está primero y tocar el instrumento después. Observa cómo aprende tu hijo, nutriendo su espíritu y ayudándole a fortalecer su confianza en sí… Read more ▶

Important Ideas to Remember in Your Role as a Suzuki Parent

March 21, 2012 by Teri Einfeldt

Dr. Suzuki always said “character first, ability second.” The Suzuki experience is about your child first, playing the instrument second. Watch how your child learns, nurturing your child’s spirit and building her self confidence, yet instilling a sense of achieving excellence… Read more ▶

Interview with Past SAA Board Chair Teri Einfeldt

December 1, 2011 by Teri Einfeldt, Karen-Michele Kimmett

How long did you serve on the SAA board before becoming Chair? I served for six years, two of them as chair elect. What aspects of the Chair office surprised you the most? Probably what surprised me the most was beginning to understand… Read more ▶

Be Prepared for Summer Institutes Tips for the Home Teacher

May 13, 2010 by Teri Einfeldt

Are your students attending an institute this summer? If so, it’s time to help them prepare to get the most out of the experience. Read more ▶

Ask the Experts 8 Teens

November 23, 2009 by Teri Einfeldt

Last summer, focus groups at summer Institutes were asked to submit questions for a panel of “Suzuki Experts” to answer. This is the 8th installment. What are good ways to keep students involved through Junior and Senior High? This is such a… Read more ▶

Revising Suzuki Piano Books 57

May 10, 2009 by Pam Brasch, Teri Einfeldt, Gail Lange, Mary Craig Powell

The International Suzuki Piano Committee, working with Mr. E.L. Lancaster of Alfred Publishing Company, met in Boulder, CO, in November 2008 to begin work on revisions to Suzuki Piano Method Books 4-7. History was made for Suzuki Piano as a… Read more ▶

Annual Meeting 2009

April 6, 2009 by Lamar Blum, Pam Brasch, Teri Einfeldt, Ruth Engle Larner, Christie Felsing, Mark George, Marilyn Kesler, Carol Ourada, Diane Schroeder, Beth Titterington

The 2009 Annual Membership Meeting was broadcast live on the web on April 4th, 2009 from the SAA office in Boulder, Colorado. It features the new teacher development video “A Suzuki Teacher’s Pledge”, a tour of the SAA office, and… Read more ▶

Michael Yaffe Building Bridges for Suzuki in the University and the Community

October 8, 2008 by Teri Einfeldt

22 years ago, when he first moved to CT from Fairfax, VA to become the director of the University of Hartford’s Hartt School Community Division, Michael Yaffe had a clear vision of everything he was hoping to accomplish in his… Read more ▶

Introducing Joseph Silverstein

March 5, 2008 by Teri Einfeldt, Joseph Silverstein

What projects are you involved with at the moment? At the moment I am actively involved guest conducting, soloing, playing chamber music, teaching, and just enjoying music as much as ever being an amateur in the very best sense of the… Read more ▶

Wait Is This Student Ready for Book 2

Wait! Is This Student Ready for Book 2?

An Unforgettable Trip to Japan Teachers Viewpoint

An Unforgettable Trip to Japan: Teacher’s Viewpoint

Some Thoughts on Group Classes

Some Thoughts on Group Classes


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