Piano Book 1, Revised

The International Suzuki Piano Committee, working with Mr. E.L. Lancaster of Alfred Music Company, met in Boulder, CO, in November 2008 to begin work on revisions to Suzuki Piano Method Books 4-7. History was made for Suzuki Piano as a result of our decisions for the revisions of these books. All five regions of the ISA (SAA, ESA, PPSA, TERI and ASA) voted in favor of changes and additions to the repertoire to provide greater stylistic variety to the Suzuki Piano Repertoire. SAA Teacher Trainers are very excited about the changes and look forward to the publication of these new books.

Actual editing by the committee has not begun for Books 6 and 7 and Book 5 is not yet complete. Further work by the International Committee will take place in July 2009 and the new official recordings by Mr. Seizo Azuma will be completed soon thereafter.

The changes in the piano books brought about a temporary dilemma with regard to handling SAA Teacher Development courses, as we await the process of editing, compiling, printing and releasing of the new books and the recording, processing and release of the new CDs. After considerable thoughtful deliberation and discussion, the decision has been made that there will be no teacher training offered for Piano Books 5, 6 or 7 (currently published editions or proposed revised new editions) in any institute, apprenticeship, or long-term training in 2009. Since in Book 4 there is only one new piece, the Tcherepnin Bagatelle, Alfred has given permission for us to use a photocopy of the committee’s editing of Book 4 in time for that unit to be taught beginning with summer 2009, even though the CD will not be released at that point.

All SAA Piano Trainers have been notified that they are to postpone training of Books 5, 6, and 7 (current or proposed new editions) until further notice. It is anticipated that training of Book 5 may be able to be resumed in summer 2010. All current piano teachers and teacher trainers will need to participate in workshops before teaching the new pieces of Books 5 through 7. It is essential that trainers meet together to discuss teaching points and use of the new repertoire prior to offering any training of the new pieces. The first opportunity for Trainers to work together on the presentation of these pieces will take place in October 2009.
Thank you in advance for your support during this important transitional period. It is exciting to be a part of this historical time for Suzuki Piano and for the Suzuki Method worldwide.


Mary Craig Powell
Chair, SAA Piano Committee & Co-Chair ISA Piano Committee

Teri Einfeldt
Chair, SAA Teacher Development & Chair-Elect, SAA Board

Gail Lange
Recent Past SAA Board member & Chair of Piano Area Development

Pam Brasch
Executive Director & ISA Board Liaison to Piano Committee