American Suzuki Journal 51.2

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Published March 2023

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American Suzuki Journal 51.2

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Powerful Education Suzukis Revolutionary Vision

Powerful Education: Suzuki’s Revolutionary Vision

Editor’s note: We are privileged to feature this article written by Eri Hotta, the author of the new book Suzuki: The Man and His Dream to Teach the Children of the World (Harvard, 2022). Her book is essential reading for… Read more ▶

ASJ 51.2, page 8

A Research Survey of Suzuki Parents What they learned what they think what they wish they knew

A Research Survey of Suzuki Parents: What they learned, what they think, what they wish they knew

You may not be surprised to learn that research shows parental support is important to young children’s music learning. The International Research Symposium on Talent Education (IRSTE) team has recently done several research studies to explore the perspectives and experiences… Read more ▶

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Sowing Suzuki Communities in Brazil An Account from Manaus

Sowing Suzuki Communities in Brazil: An Account from Manaus

Brazil is a continental country due to its great territorial extension, and it is also rich in cultural diversity. Few people have a real notion of how much this extension unites us and separates us at the same time, as… Read more ▶

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Teaching & Learning

Seven Strategies for Better Ear Training in the Suzuki Studio

Seven Strategies for Better Ear Training in the Suzuki Studio

This work represents the view of its author, and does not necessarily represent the view of the International Suzuki Association or its regional associations. These materials are not intended to replace authorized Suzuki Method teacher training, study with a qualified… Read more ▶

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To The MountainExploring Ability Development and Creativity with Dr Suzuki in 1984

To The Mountain: Exploring Ability Development and Creativity with Dr. Suzuki in 1984

By Alice Kanack I once asked Dr. Suzuki why he didn’t compose more. He replied that he wanted to compose, but when, as a young man, he heard the music of Brahms, he gave up. I suggested to him that… Read more ▶

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Trumpet Embouchure and Sound Production Pedagogical Tips for the Beginning Trumpet Student

Trumpet Embouchure and Sound Production: Pedagogical Tips for the Beginning Trumpet Student

By Sarah Herbert Building a strong foundation of fundamentals is a philosophy valued by Suzuki teaching and brass educators worldwide. While the first lessons for beginning brass students typically focus on the essentials of breathing and moving air, learning correct formation… Read more ▶

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Discovering the Keystone of Our Work

Discovering the Keystone of Our Work

A bungalow sits on a corner lot. Nothing outside of this house distinguishes it from the other small, rather dilapidated homes in this careworn neighborhood, the narrow streets of which hug the undulating rises and falls of the surrounding hills… Read more ▶

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Boulder Suzuki Strings Tour A Student Report

Boulder Suzuki Strings Tour: A Student Report

By Hannah Cohen and Adam Transue Since 2010, Boulder Suzuki Strings, a school for violin, viola, and cello students that live throughout the front range in Colorado, has conducted a tour for its advanced high school students. In the past, the… Read more ▶

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The Benefits of Joining a Community Music School Suzuki Program

The Benefits of Joining a Community Music School Suzuki Program

Community arts schools are just one way to obtain a strong Suzuki education for your child. Prevalent in many parts of the country, community arts schools often provide important benefits that can enhance your child’s educational experience beyond the actual… Read more ▶

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Building Bridges

Building Bridges

Before I heard my own children perform with their elementary school orchestra, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I had left the public school teaching field years earlier to pursue Suzuki violin teaching in my own home studio and teach… Read more ▶

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News & Information

Chairs Column

Chair’s Column

All of us in the SAA community are part of an extended network of music educators. We know Suzuki and other music teachers in our cities or regions, and often youth orchestra conductors, band and choir directors, and early childhood… Read more ▶

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Executive Director Letter

Executive Director Letter

This issue’s theme focuses on building bridges. The more I learn from our community about the work of Suzuki, the more I understand the significance of the bridges Dr. Suzuki extended in his work across the world. Eri Hotta’s article… Read more ▶

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An Interview with Araceli Lugo OlivaPresident of the Asociacin Mexicana del Mtodo Suzuki AMMS

An Interview with Araceli Lugo Oliva: President of the Asociación Mexicana del Método Suzuki (AMMS)

Tell us a little about yourself. I am originally from Ixmiquilpan, HGO Mexico. My husband and I have four kids that we brought up in the Suzuki method. I dedicate myself to promoting the arts and culture. In my free time,… Read more ▶

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Meet the Board of Directors Leslie Mizrahi

Meet the Board of Directors: Leslie Mizrahi

Leslie Mizrahi is one of the leading figures in the Latin-American Suzuki community. Since first encountering the Suzuki Method as a piano teacher, and later through Early Childhood Education, she went on to found the Instituto Suzuki Vive la Música,… Read more ▶

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