American Suzuki Journal 51.3

Cover picture by Tristan Regini

Published May 2023

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American Suzuki Journal 51.3

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Complementary Rhythms Dalcroze and Suzuki Pedagogy

Complementary Rhythms: Dalcroze and Suzuki Pedagogy

Since 2000, I’ve enjoyed a long relationship with the method created by Shin’ichi Suzuki (1898–1998). First as a collaborative pianist, working with students and faculty at the Wyoming String Academy in Cincinnati, Ohio, then at the same institution creating Dalcroze-inspired… Read more ▶

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A Research Survey of Suzuki Parents Part Two Confidence and Challenges While Supporting Their Child

A Research Survey of Suzuki Parents Part Two: Confidence and Challenges While Supporting Their Child

Last issue, the International Research Symposium on Talent Education (IRSTE) team shared some of our recent research about Suzuki parents. In that article, we reviewed both initial parent training and ongoing parent education practices. We also summarized how parents preferred… Read more ▶

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MultiLevel Group Class A Teachers Guide

Multi-Level Group Class: A Teacher’s Guide

I marveled at watching some amazing group classes when I took my unit teacher training courses at different summer institutes. The classes that influenced me the most included creative group classes led by Carey Beth Hockett at the Chicago Suzuki… Read more ▶

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Teaching & Learning

Teaching Emotional Resilience

Teaching Emotional Resilience

Fall down seven times, stand up eight. – Japanese Proverb “Why is studying the cello something your family feels is important for your child?” “What are you hoping your child takes away from their musical education?” These are questions pulled directly from… Read more ▶

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Suzuki Pedagogy in Music Teacher Education

Suzuki Pedagogy in Music Teacher Education

My career, indeed, my musical life, has taken a number of turns that I didn’t expect when I set out for music school. I’ve written before in the ASJ about how as a young orchestra teacher I thought I had… Read more ▶

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Developing Appropriately Putting Suzukis Words Into Practice

“Developing Appropriately”: Putting Suzuki’s Words Into Practice

What kind of approach would serve me best in teaching a four-year-old? I pondered this question day and night. . . . All children throughout Japan speak Japanese magnificently. . . . There is the fact of training and education behind their capacity to speak. Therein lay a… Read more ▶

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Flute Fatherhood and ChoroLeandro Candido de Oliveiras Musical Universes

Flute, Fatherhood, and Choro: Leandro Candido de Oliveira’s Musical Universes

For over twenty years, the Baccarelli Institute has served the residents of Heliópolis, a community in São Paulo Brazil. Founded as “an agent of social transformation through art,” the Institute provides more than 1,200 children and young people with a… Read more ▶

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Lets Think About Zebras Stress and How We Treat Others

Let’s Think About Zebras, Stress, and How We Treat Others

Some years ago, I was a regular at Learning and the Brain Conferences. I especially remember a wonderful session called “Stress and the Brain” given by Dr. Robert Sapolsky, professor of neuroscience at Stanford University. His informative and entertaining book,… Read more ▶

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The Essential Suzuki Parent

The Essential Suzuki Parent

Years ago, a very prominent show business couple were interested in starting their four-year-old child at the School for Strings in New York City. They sat with the school’s founder, Louise Behrend, for their interview and asked whether their au… Read more ▶

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Suzuki Juxtaposed

Suzuki Juxtaposed

“I have come to the definite conclusion that musical ability is not an inborn talent but an ability which can be developed.” –Shinichi Suzuki, Nurtured by Love “No instruction can make a dancer catch just the time of the music, or a singer… Read more ▶

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Stories, Poems & Tributes

In Memoriam Dan Swaim

In Memoriam: Dan Swaim

We are saddened to hear about the passing of renowned bass Teacher Trainer Dr. S. Daniel Swaim. He had a profound impact on the Suzuki community. Our sympathy goes out to his family and those who knew him. Snavely Daniel… Read more ▶

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News & Information

Executive Director Letter

Executive Director Letter

We are, first and foremost, a learning community. As I’ve read through the articles for this issue of the American Suzuki Journal, I’m struck by a common thread amongst our pedagogical philosophies: curiosity. As we practice the pedagogy and philosophy Dr.… Read more ▶

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Chairs Letter

Chair’s Letter

Dr. Suzuki was an incredibly creative and insightful pedagogue whose legacy continues to be a source of inspiration. Teachers who had the opportunity to study with Suzuki describe him as an innovator. He would regularly come into his studio declaring… Read more ▶

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