Detroit Youth Volume Violin Art Auction performance

Detroit Youth Volume raises money for our scholarship fund by auctioning off beyond-repair instruments that have been made into home decor by local artists! The students performed Suzuki songs amidst the violin art as part of the event. We raised $3,500 by auctioning off 21 pieces of art! Photo by Barbara Barefield.

Image by Clara Hardie

Clara Hardie

**Clara’s teaching goal is to nurture beautiful humanity and beautiful talent. She founded & directs Detroit Youth Volume. Half of the students’ music education is supported by community-based fundraising. In addition to classical training, DYV brings in local & visiting artists for special Detroit-centric workshops. These collaborations develop students’ positive cultural identities. Clara is also coach of "Growing Equitable Music Studios", a virtual Course of Action for music teachers who believe every child can change the world.

In July 2022, Clara moved to Marquette, MI. I teach the majority of my students virtually on Zoom since they live in Detroit. A larger organization called Michigan Youth Volume is taking shape! It includes creative collaboration between youth and adult musicians from Detroit and Marquette, the two largest cities in the lower and upper peninsulas of Michigan.


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