Detroit Public Library performance

Unsure if the first try went through for these! Detroit Youth Volume’s final show was held in the Children’s Library of the Detroit Public Library main branch in the arts district of the city. Suzuki teacher Ashley Nelson looks on as student Chase Wiley checks out the program. Guest teacher and beatboxer Walter T. Lacey rehearses with the PreTwinklers in the background. Also pictured is a group class with guest artist Darrell “Red” Campbell during Group Class, working on harmonies.

Image by Clara Hardie

Clara Hardie

Clara’s teaching goal is to nurture beautiful humanity and beautiful talent. She founded & directs a Suzuki program called Detroit Youth Volume, where half of her students lessons are supported 100% by community-based fundraising. In additional to classical training, DYV brings in local & visiting artists for special Detroit-centric music workshops. These collaborations¬†develop positive¬†cultural identities in her students as Detroiters and as youth of color (applicable to 65% of DYV). Clara is also coach of “Growing Equitable Music Studios”, a virtual Course of Action for music teachers who believe every child can change the world.

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