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Inspired by Suzuki
Retirement Home Performance
Covid Concert
Denysov school of Music & Arts
Last recital
Outdoor studio
Cello Graduation Ceremony
Tocando juntos en el parque
Outdoor Concert
Outdoor Distance Lessons
Mini Halloween Group Classes!
Halloween Group Classes!
OPSA Suzuki group class outside
The October Wind Whipped, But We Played On!
Pop Up Performances
Rodrigo Alves
NIU Suzuki Strings share in vigil for Elijah McClain
Chamber Music in the Park
Spring Twilight Drive-In Graduation Concert
Porch Concert
The Sing-Along
Library Holiday concert
Senior center ballroom holiday performance
Holiday cheer to Glacier Hills Ret. Community
Halloween at the Farmer’s Market
Pumpkin Patch Concert
SEMSA violinists at the library
Suzuki Stars Pot Luck/ Play-In Picnic
SAC Fall Festival Piano Play-In
Playing piano for elderly on hospice
Detroit Public Library performance
Detroit Institute of Art Volunteer Meeting
Detroit Youth Volume Violin Art Auction performance
Suzuki Stars Pot-Luck Picnic
Community Performance (Meredith, photo two)
Community Performance (Meredith, photo one)
Santiago de Chile
Festival Suzuki, Chile
Farmers Market
Suzuki Book Pinata Kids Pull String
Suzuki Book Pinata
In Harmony in historic Boston
Piano Recital at Senior Residence
Bach in the Subways 2019
4° encuentro de cellos en Santa Fe
September 11, 2016 Memorial at St. Patrick’s Cathedral, NYC
Spring Strings & Friends
Violin/Viola Caterpillar
String Festival in Cedar City

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