Community Performance (Meredith, photo one)

Every term in the Suzuki guitar studio of Meredith Connie we go out into the community and share some music at venues across Melbourne. In June 2019 we performed on the outdoor stage at CERES Community Environment Park, an educational park teaching young people how to look after the natural world for future generations.

Image by Meredith Connie

Meredith Connie

Meredith Connie (MMus, San Francisco Conservatory of Music; MPhil, University of Sydney) lived and worked as a Suzuki guitar teacher in the US until 2016, where she received her training through the SAA.  In 2017 she returned to the country of her birth, Australia, and now resides and teaches in Melbourne. In addition to her teaching, performing and composing career on the guitar, Meredith is also an Alexander Technique teacher.

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