Energize Your Teaching with the New Suzuki Piano Books 1-3

Mary Craig Powell and E.L. Lancaster discuss the improvements and changes made by the international piano committee. Four teachers demonstrate and discuss the four new pieces added to these books. From the 2008 SAA Conference session, “Energize Your Teaching with the New Suzuki Piano Books 1-3”.

Video by Cleo Ann Brimhall, Doris Koppelman, E.l. Lancaster, Gail Lange, Mary Craig Powell, Renee Chomet Robbins

Cleo Ann Brimhall

Cleo Ann Brimhall resides in Salt Lake City Utah where she teaches students and trains teachers in her private studio. Cleo holds an MM degree from the UofN and studied with Dr. Suzuki and Dr. Kataoka. As a teacher trainer with the SAA, she has traveled internationally as a clinician and lecturer. She has served as Institute Director and on Suzuki Boards nationally and locally. Her students have participated in Suzuki conferences and performed in 10 Piano concerts worldwide. Several former students have completed University Degrees in piano performance and returned to her to be trained as Suzuki Piano Teachers.

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Doris Koppelman

Doris Koppelman is a pioneer in the Suzuki piano movement who has been teaching Suzuki piano teachers and students throughout the world for more than 30 years. She is the author of the book “Introducing Suzuki Piano” as well as a contributor to “Teaching Suzuki Piano”. Ms. Koppelman is a registered teacher trainer and is the recipient of the SAA Outstanding Teacher Award and Distinguished Service Award. She has been a member of the SAA and has been awarded Honorary Life Membership by the International Suzuki Association. She is active in the musical life of San Diego.

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E.l. Lancaster

E.L. Lancaster brings a variety of teaching experiences to his position as Vice President/Keyboard Editor-in-Chief of Alfred Publishing Company. From 1979 to 1998 he was on the faculty of the University of Oklahoma, Norman where he taught courses in piano pedagogy and coordinated the group piano program. Lancaster established the masters and doctoral programs in piano pedagogy at the University of Oklahoma in 1980. During his tenure there, he served as major professor for over fifty doctoral dissertations in the field of piano pedagogy. His students serve on faculties of colleges and universities and operate independent piano studios throughout the country. Simultaneously, he taught pre-college students in the Piano Pedagogy Laboratory Program combining group and private instruction. In addition, he and his wife, Gayle Kowalchyk, operated a large independent piano studio in Norman, Oklahoma from 1981 until 1996.

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Gail Lange

Gail Lange is a Suzuki Piano teacher in Guelph, Ontario. A teacher trainer since 1984, Gail studied four months in Japan with Dr. Suzuki and Haruko Kataoka. Always inspired by the spirit of sharing in the Suzuki community, Gail has continued to observe and work with outstanding teachers. She is a frequent clinician at workshops and institutes particularly in Canada and offers training courses throughout the year in her Studio. Past-Chair of the Suzuki Association of Ontario, and former Piano Director of the Southwestern Ontario Suzuki Institute, Gail has also served twice on the SAA Board, was Piano Coordinator of the 2008 Conference and was Piano Ensembles Coordinator of the 2016 Conference. Along with Joan Krzywicki, she spearheaded the production of a video promoting Suzuki Piano. Currently, she is Translation Coordinator for the bilingual Canadian Suzuki e-Newsletter and is active on the Canadian Visioning committee promoting Suzuki in Canada. In 2005 Gail was awarded the Queen Elizabeth Jubilee Medal by the Canadian government for her contributions to music

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Mary Craig Powell

Mary Craig Powell currently teaches piano in her home studio in Columbus, OH. Retired from the Conservatory of Music faculty of Capital University, she has taught piano at both the college and preparatory levels. Ms. Powell is author of the book Focus on Suzuki Piano and contributor to Teaching Suzuki Piano. Currently she serves as the co-chair of the ISA Piano Committee. In recognition of her contribution to Suzuki instruction, she has received the Excellence in Teaching award and the Excellence in Suzuki Teacher Education award from the SAA as well as the Distinguished Alumna award from East Carolina University. As an active member of MTNA, she has been named the State Certified Piano Teacher of the Year by the Ohio Music Teachers’ Association. In fall, 2013 she was featured for her teaching of Suzuki Method through an interview in “Clavier Companion.:

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Renee Chomet Robbins

Renée Robbins maintains an active piano studio in Ann Arbor, where she teaches piano students of all ages, trains other Suzuki teachers, and performs chamber music with a variety of other musicians. She has taught at Suzuki workshops in all corners of this country and internationally. She holds a BA from the Eastman School of Music in piano performance, an MSW in social treatment from the University of Michigan, and an MA from Eastern Michigan University in piano accompaniment. Renée has studied piano with José Échaniz and Joseph Gurt, as well as at numerous chamber music workshops. Reneé’s teaching style has emphasized high pedagogical standards, while attending to the inner life of each child; lots of good humor; and the building of community within her studio.

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