Piano Book 1, Revised

The Suzuki International Piano Committee is currently completing its work on the newly revised and edited International Editions of Suzuki Piano Books 4-7. These books are projected to be released at the SAA Conference in May, 2010. The accompanying CDs, performed by Seizo Azuma, will be released approximately mid-summer 2010.

Teacher Training

Piano training at 2010 Institutes will be based upon the new volumes, which include some exciting new repertoire, along with new edits for many of the pieces being retained in the new editions.

Several opportunities to enhance your teaching of the new repertoire are being offered at summer institutes.

Course: Changes and Additions to the Suzuki Piano Repertoire

A special 10-hour course is being offered to introduce teachers to the new pieces. Prerequisites are Piano Books 1-5 or 5 completed Piano units.

Chicago Suzuki Institute, July 10-11 with Mary Craig Powell
Greater Pittsburgh Institute, August 1-5 with Kiki Barley
Hartt Suzuki Institute, August 7-8 with Mary Craig Powell

Course: Overview of Suzuki Piano Books 4-7

In addition, the Greater Washington Suzuki Piano Institute is offering an Overview of Suzuki Piano Books 4-7, a full five-day course especially suitable for those who have completed Books 4-7 previously.

Overview of Suzuki Piano Books 4-7, June 28—July 2 with Fay Adams

New Repertoire List

Below is a list of the repertoire in the new books:

*New repertoire
**Repertoire moved to another book

Book 4

Rondo, Mozart
Minuet 1, Mozart
**Arabesque, Burgmuller
**By the Limpid Stream, Burgmuller
Musette, Bach
Sonata, Op. 49, No. 2 (both movements), Beethoven
*Bagatelle, Op. 5, No. 9, Tcherepnin
Gavotte, Bach
Minuets I and II from Partita in B-flat Major, Bach
Gigue from Partita in B-flat Major, Bach

Book 5

Fur Elise, Beethoven
Old French Song, Tchaikovsky
2-Part Invention No. 1, Bach
Sonatina in F Major (both movements), Beethoven
*About Foreign Lands and People, Op. 15, No. 1, Schumann
Sonata No. 48 (all 3 movements), Haydn
*Waltz in a minor, Op. Posthumous, Chopin
**The Cuckoo, Daquin

Book 6

Sonata, K545 (all 3 movements), Mozart
*Gondola Boat Song, Op. 30, No. 6, Mendelssohn
*2-Part Invention No. 8, Bach
*Nocturne, Op. 54, No. 4, Grieg
Sonata “Pastorale,” Scarlatti
Sonata, K330 (first movement only), Mozart
*Spanish Dance No. 5 (Andaluza) from 12 Spanish Dances, Granados
*O Polichinelo, Villa-Lobos

Book 7

Sonata, K331 (all 3 movements), Mozart
*Prelude and Fugue in D Major, No. 5 from Well-Tempered Clavier, Book 1, Bach
*Nocturne in c# minor, Op. Posthumous, Chopin
Harmonious Blacksmith, Handel
*Maid with the Flaxen Hair, Debussy
*Romanian Folk Dances, Bartok

Message from the International Piano Committee
Mary Craig Powell, SAA representative, Committee Co-Chair