It’s that special time of year again when the SAA Board announces its Annual Fund Campaign. Only through your gifts to the Annual Fund is the SAA able to support its scholarship program and other services and projects. This year’s theme is “Following in their Footsteps.”

The Board is proud to introduce a special gift available to this year’s donors at the $75 level or beyond: Celebrating Excellence 2009, a beautiful collection of performances by former Suzuki students. The performers have donated their recordings to make this special gift possible and to honor the Suzuki Method which helped start them on their path as accomplished musicians.

Advertisement: Donate Today. For gifts of $75 or more, receive Celebrating Excellence 2009 CD.

The collection features:

  • Scott Conklin, violin
  • The Cavani Quartet
  • Connie Sheu, guitar
  • Emily Yaffe, viola
  • Emily Levin, harp
  • The Albers Trio
  • Gabe Bolkosky, violin
  • Orion Weiss, piano
  • Wendy Warner, cello
  • Rachel Barton Pine, violin
  • Yale Work, piano

You may submit your donation online or by check or credit card with the pledge form. Many thanks in advance for your generosity!

Watch for lots more information on the CD and the performers, to appear online in the next 2 weeks.

We’re offering you the opportunity to receive a second CD for a gift of $125 or more—a copy of the Celebrating Excellence 2005 CD in addition to the new 2009 CD!

Note: Your gifts are tax-exempt in the United States.