Image by Anna Lilly

Student Writing Contest Finalist, 9-11 age group

One of my most memorable Suzuki moments happened at the Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp Suzuki Institute. On a sunny afternoon during repertoire class in the Pavane, we had a very special visitor. The Pavane is a rustic rehearsal building with a cement floor, and no windows or doors. As we were playing on of our pieces, a medium-sized brown snake slithered right into the building! We all stopped playing because we were really excited! Some frightened people got up on their chairs, and parents were frantically taking pictures.

The snake didn’t stay around for very long—I think he was scared. Afterwards, we went outside on a parade. We held our bows with paper cups on top to practice our best bow holds while marching around! Some people, like me, were looking for more snakes. I remember our teacher, Mrs. Ourada, saying, “The snake came because you are snake charmers with your cellos.” We talked about how snakes have a different kind of hearing. They hear vibrations, especially low vibrations like cellos are able to make. I think we were playing Long, Long Ago when the snake came for a visit.

I will always remember that snake, and how he slithered around the Pavane. (Did you know that a pavane is a type of dance? Most of the buildings at Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp are named after composers or other musical words.) Sometimes I hope to see another snake come in while we’re playing. Whenever I’m walking to class at the Pavane, I always look for snakes. There’s a lot of sand at Blue Lake, so I have to look carefully.

Here are some of my favorite things about Blue Lake. I like going to the play-in on the first night. It’s really fun to play with all of the cellists and our teachers. I enjoy the faculty recital because the teachers play a few funny pieces. I like playing in the orchestra concert and the final concert because it’s really fun to play on a big stage outdoors! This year will be my fifth year at Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp, and I always look forward to going there and seeing my friends. If you decide to go to the Institute at Blue Lake, make sure you watch for the friendly, music-loving snakes!