Student Writing Contest Flowers

Thank you to all who participated and entered the Suzuki Student Writing Contest. We received more than 50 entries, and each one was a joy to read. It’s magnificent to see some of the many talents of Suzuki students on display.

Many thanks also to parents and teachers who promoted the contest and assisted students in preparing their entries.

We are proud to announce the winners and finalists of the 2011 Suzuki Student Writing Contest.

6-8 Years Old

1st Place: Finian Burns, age 8, Ithaca, NY
2nd Place: Lucy Ellis, age 7, Brentwood, TN
3rd Place: Kennedy Munn, age 7, Newport News, VA
Finalists: Henry From, age 6, Bellingham, WA

9-11 Years Old

1st Place: Rituparna Mukherjee, age 11, Katy, TX
2nd Place: Benny Netzer, age 11, Norfolk, VA
3rd Place: Nicky Williams, age 10, Orleans, ON
Finalists: Grace Park, age 10, Savoy, IL, and Anna Lilly, age 9, East Grand Rapids, MI

12-14 Years Old

1st Place: Ly Dang, age 12, West Hartford, CT
2nd Place: Tara Iyer, age 14, San Jose, CA
3rd Place: Ellis Miskell, age 13, Yarmouth, ME
Finalists: Monica Pardeshi, age 12, Champaign, IL

15+ Years Old

1st Place: Annie Lister, age 18, Broomfield, CO
2nd Place: Nicole Herzog, age 16, Sandy, UT
3rd Place: Sara Kuhns, age 15, Medina, OH
Finalists: Katherine Lee, age 17, Irvine, CA

First and second place entries will be published in the 2011 Minijournal, distributed to all Suzuki Summer Institute attendees, with extra copies made available in September 2011. Third place entries will be published in the American Suzuki Journal, and finalists will be published on the SAA website.