American Suzuki Journal 52.1

Cover picture by Curt Biesterfeld

Published November 2023

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American Suzuki Journal 52.1


Developing Together Interconnected Learning from Toddlerhood to Adulthood

Developing Together: Interconnected Learning from Toddlerhood to Adulthood

“Where love is deep, much can be accomplished.” We’ve all heard and used this phrase many times. It is perhaps one of the most inspiring and all-encompassing quotes from Dr. Suzuki’s writing about his method and approach. In this article, I… Read more ▶

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ASJ 52.1, page 12

Navigating the Wilderness of Overuse Injury with the Alexander Technique

Navigating the Wilderness of Overuse Injury with the Alexander Technique

“Consider this spring,” said Catherine Kettrick, my Alexander Technique teacher. She handed me a small metal coil. “What happens when you push on it?” I pushed on the spring and released it, watching it tighten and then return to its… Read more ▶

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Teaching & Learning

Trapped in the Triangle

Trapped in the Triangle

“I Have a New Idea!” A sense of renewal, adaptation, and discovery is at the heart of the Suzuki Method. There is no better model for this than Shinichi Suzuki himself. Recently, Suzuki in the Schools (SIS) teacher trainer Winifred Crock… Read more ▶

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ASJ 52.1, page 22

The Viola Blooms in Mexico A Review of the First Suzuki Viola Festival of Mexico

The Viola Blooms in Mexico: A Review of the First Suzuki Viola Festival of Mexico

From July 17 to 23, violists, teachers, students, and families gathered for the First Suzuki Viola Festival of Mexico. Violist Patricia Oropeza and I collaborated to carry out, for the very first time in Mexico (and perhaps in Latin America),… Read more ▶

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ASJ 52.1, page 24

The Power of Musical Role Models

The Power of Musical Role Models

Mozart admired Haydn; Elton John idolized Little Richard; Ray Charles imitated Nat King Cole for years until he found his own style. Accomplished musicians throughout time have looked up to musical role models, extolling their expertise and using that vision… Read more ▶

ASJ 52.1, page 26

Rejuvenation Through Movement

Rejuvenation Through Movement

Sing like no one is listening Dance like no one is watching Live like life is heaven on earth This famous quote describes in a few words what many feel after singing and dancing. In… Read more ▶

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An Unexpected Path Teaching Violin in Tanzania

An Unexpected Path: Teaching Violin in Tanzania

by Margaret Schmidt An Unexpected Detour Do you remember the song “Hakuna Matata” from The Lion King? It’s Swahili for “no worries,” or a reminder to just go with the flow, no matter what happens. It’s a good motto for when things… Read more ▶

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ASJ 52.1, page 33

A Strange New World Cinematographer Benji Bakshis Suzuki Roots

A Strange New World: Cinematographer Benji Bakshi’s Suzuki Roots

Suzuki pedagogy encompasses an entire world of ideas, thoughts, and disciplines. We have an array of areas of study, from violin to trumpet, Early Childhood Education to Suzuki in the Schools. Beyond musical study, Suzuki principles resonate with diverse disciplines… Read more ▶

ASJ 52.1, page 36

A Year in Oaxaca Finding Community through Suzuki

A Year in Oaxaca: Finding Community through Suzuki

August, 2021. Everything was put in storage. The cat was with parents and my grand piano was safe with a student. We sold or gave away most of our furniture and we gave up our Chicago apartment. With only three… Read more ▶

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ASJ 52.1, page 40

When the Unknowns Become Known

When the Unknowns Become Known

Like everyone else, most musicians have their share of the unknown. For me, being a Suzuki teacher living in the US was certainly something I did not see happening in my life. I grew up learning and playing the violin… Read more ▶

ASJ 52.1, page 42

Early Ghosts

Early Ghosts

We were each on the floor on our backs with our feet up, legs straight and propped against the wall. I know that I did not fall asleep, but maybe some of the other kids did. It was back in… Read more ▶

ASJ 52.1, page 44

Stories, Poems & Tributes

Daphne Hughes 19362023 Fifty Years of Memories

Daphne Hughes (1936–2023): Fifty Years of Memories

All Canadian Suzuki teachers were saddened to learn of the passing of Daphne Hughes, Suzuki violin teacher, trainer, and parent. To me, Gail was a longtime colleague and friend of fifty years. Daphne and I met in Guelph, Ontario in 1972.… Read more ▶

ASJ 52.1, page 46

News & Information

Chairs Letter

Chair’s Letter

Journeys Life is a journey of discovery. From our infancy, we humans are exposed to the process of discovering the various elements of our environment. The joyful discovery that we can control those marvelous appendages our parents call fingers; the amazing… Read more ▶

ASJ 52.1, page 2

Executive Directors Letter

Executive Director’s Letter

This may not come as a huge surprise, but I am a planner. If you’ve ever had access to my Google calendar (sorry, SAA staff!), you likely have seen that I have most parts of the day planned out—my schedule… Read more ▶

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