American Suzuki Journal 41.2

Cover picture by David Evenchick

Published March 2013

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American Suzuki Journal 41.2


Tales from the Peruvian Amazon

Two thousand ten was an exciting year for the Suzuki Association of Peru. In addition to celebrating twenty-five years of offering Suzuki festivals in Lima, for the first time in its history, a very special event was held. Read more ▶

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Chairs Column

When Pablo Casals uttered the now famous phrase, “Perhaps it is music that will save the world,” he had just witnessed a group of Suzuki children making music. Read more ▶

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Students Storms and Sticking Together Building Leadership Skills through Suzuki Method

Students, Storms and Sticking Together: Building Leadership Skills through Suzuki Method

Cultivating a Shifty Shifter

Cultivating a Shifty Shifter

Teaching & Learning

Toshio Takahashis Four Levels of Learning

Toshio Takahashi’s Four Levels of Learning

Setting Your Studio Up for Success Strategies for Young Teachers Parts 13

Listen Sing It Find It Play It  Ditto By Ear is Different from By Rote

Listen, Sing It, Find It, Play It … Ditto! (“By Ear” is Different from “By Rote”)

Mini Case Study Effective Practice Strategies of Young Violin Students

Mini Case Study: Effective Practice Strategies of Young Violin Students

Latin America

Musical Tourism Increase Your Childs Musical Abilities While Reinforcing Your Family Bond

This school year began with a festival in Monterrey, Mexico, where Maria (six years old) and Ximena (fourteen years old) and their parents traveled from Mexico City to receive master classes from our beloved teacher trainer Caroline Fraser, which also… Read more ▶

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News & Information

Shaping Our Future Together

What are your strengths? How can you put those to work for the benefit of your fellow SAA members? Read more ▶

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Armena Marderosian January 1 1949  November 3 2012

Armena Marderosian, much-beloved Suzuki piano teacher, teacher trainer, colleague, wife, mother, sister and friend, died peacefully at home on November 3, 2012 after a seven and a half month struggle with cancer. Armena was born in Providence, Rhode Island, and later… Read more ▶

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