Leslie Mizrahi

Leslie Mizrahi

Leslie Mizrahi has led the Suzuki Piano program at her school, Instituto Suzuki Vive la Musica, for twelve years. Leslie was president of the Mexican Suzuki Associatin from 2017 to 2021 and was the director of the 1st Suzuki Convention of the Americas, Cancun, May 2019. She has registered Suzuki Piano training up to Unit Seven, as well as SECE Stages One, Two, and Three, plus several practicum and enrichment courses, mostly with Caroline Fraser. Her training also includes Kodály, Orff and Dalcroze pedagogies. Her students have participated in diverse festivals and Encuentros in Peru, Costa Rica, US, and Mexico; some have continued their musical studies professionally, both in the classical and popular genres. Leslie has taught piano masterclasses in several cities in Mexico and in Lima, Peru. Leslie began her 3 years term as member of the SAA’s Board on December 15, 2021.

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Suzuki Amrique latine  Plusieurs pays une seule vision

Suzuki Amérique latine : Plusieurs pays, une seule vision

Petit à petit, de nombreuses mains et de nombreux cœurs, convaincus que la méthode Suzuki était destinée à tout le monde, ont généreusement donné de leur temps et de leurs connaissances pour diffuser la philosophie Suzuki sur le continent américain.… Read more ▶

ASJ 50.4, page 63

Suzuki America Latina Muitos pases uma viso

Suzuki America Latina: Muitos países, uma visão

Por Leslie Mizrahi, Caroline Fraser, Renata Jordão Passo a passo, muitas mãos e corações que acreditavam que o Método Suzuki era um método para todos, generosamente doaram seu tempo e conhecimento para espalhar a filosofia Suzuki pelas Américas.Os países latino-americanos têm… Read more ▶

ASJ 50.4, page 58

Suzuki Latinoamrica Muchos pases una visin

Suzuki Latinoamérica: Muchos países, una visión

Suzuki Latinoamérica: Muchos países, una visión Por: Leslie Mizrahi, Caroline Fraser, Renata Jordão  Paso a paso, muchas manos y corazones que creyeron que el Método Suzuki era para todos, dieron generosamente de su tiempo y conocimientos para difundir la filosofía Suzuki… Read more ▶

ASJ 50.4, page 53

Suzuki Latin America Many countries one vision

Suzuki Latin America: Many countries, one vision

By: Leslie Mizrahi, Caroline Fraser, Renata Jordão Step by step, many hands and hearts that believed the Suzuki Method was for everyone gave generously of their time and knowledge to spread the Suzuki philosophy throughout the Americas. Latin American countries have… Read more ▶

ASJ 50.4, page 48

Primera Convencion Suzuki de las Americas

Primera Convencion Suzuki de las Americas

First Suzuki Convention of the Americas

First Suzuki Convention of the Americas

First National Suzuki Piano Teachers Encuentro

First National Suzuki Piano Teacher’s Encuentro

First Suzuki Convention of the Americas

First Suzuki Convention of the Americas

First Suzuki Convention of the Americas May 15 2019 Cancun Mexico

June 18, 2018 by Leslie Mizrahi

Connecting two continents through one dream: Dr. Shinichi Suzuki’s vision and philosophy. Showing the world that we can erase boundaries, when it comes to children and music we all speak one same language: the language of the heart. This convention was created… Read more ▶

Filosofa Suzuki at Universidad Panamericana in Mexico City

August 1, 2017 by Leslie Mizrahi

The “Introduction to the Filosofía Suzuki” course is usually a four-day course, which has been successfully offered all over Latin America for more than 30 years now. In March 2017, this course made history, for it was offered, for the first time in America, as part of the obligatory curriculum of a university career. Read more ▶

4th International Vive la Musica Suzuki Festival

4th International Vive la Musica Suzuki Festival

When I started organizing the 4th International Vive la Musica Suzuki Festival I thought about one thing: In Mexico there is a great necessity for a better quality of education with more opportunities for more people, especially regarding musical education,… Read more ▶

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ASJ 45.1, page 64

III Latin American Suzuki Students Orchestra

III Latin American Suzuki Students’ Orchestra

Second Mexican Suzuki Encounter Forming Community

August 10, 2015 by Leslie Mizrahi

2do Encuentro Mexicano Suzuki: Formando comunidad Por  Leslie Mizrahi La música es un camino  muy enriquecedor que genera encuentros que, en una manera muy particular, disminuye el “yo” para aceptar el “tú”;se hace borroso asimismo para incluir al grupo que escucha o… Read more ▶

Encuentro Mexicano The First Mexican National Suzuki Conference

September 18, 2013 by Leslie Mizrahi

One nation, two languages: Spanish and Music. An opportunity to acknowledge one another, to listen to one another, to touch one another’s hearts, to touch one another’s lives. The Mexican Encuentro was more than a musical experience, it was a gathering of hearts and souls all under one common idea: Shinichi Suzuki’s philosophy. Read more ▶

Musical Tourism Increase Your Childs Musical Abilities While Reinforcing Your Family Bond

March 18, 2013 by Leslie Mizrahi

This school year began with a festival in Monterrey, Mexico, where Maria (six years old) and Ximena (fourteen years old) and their parents traveled from Mexico City to receive master classes from our beloved teacher trainer Caroline Fraser, which also… Read more ▶

Practicum A Great Way to Sharpen Your Teaching Tools

August 11, 2011 by Leslie Mizrahi

Practicum Un gran medio para afilar tus herramientas de enseñanza. Con comentarios de Etna Diemecke y Fabiola Sigala Este extraordinario taller nos ha llevado a apreciar aún más el arte de enseñar. Este arte involucra el instrumento, la música, el alumno y los padres… Read more ▶

A Magical Musical Experience Suzuki Philosophy in Puebla Mexico

March 25, 2011 by Leslie Mizrahi

It has become the custom in Mexico that wherever a Suzuki philosophy course is taught, piano students travel to participate in demonstration lessons, sometimes within the same city and at other times to a different state. Etna Diemecke has brought… Read more ▶

Una Experiencia Musical Mgica Curso de Filosofa Suzuki en Puebla

March 24, 2011 by Leslie Mizrahi

En México se ha hecho costumbre que, en donde sea que se de un curso de Filosofía, hay alumnos de piano que viajan para participar en clases de demostración; algunas veces dentro de la misma ciudad y algunos otras a… Read more ▶


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