The 50th Suzuki Method Grand Concert was held in Tokyo, March 30, 2004, at the Nippon Budokon. 3,300 violin, cello, flute and piano students participated. In addition, 100 teachers and students from America, Germany, Korea, Taiwan, Australia and other countries took part in this special 50th anniversary of the annual Suzuki concert in Tokyo.

Many special dignitaries were in attendance. In addition to many diplomats Suzuki Method teachers and students were especially honored to have Their Imperial Majesties and Emperor and Empress and her Imperial Highness Princess Takamado attend the concert. Also, we were honored to have Mr. Norio Ohga, Honorary chairman of the Sony Corporation, conduct the Hallelujah Chorus. Mr. Ohga is not only active as a corporate executive but is also active in the field of music and culture. The Handel Chorus was sung by a choir assembled for the event and performed by the Suzuki students with their parents and grandparents playing along.

After the concert, Professor Koji Toyoda, President of the Talent Education Research Institute and President of the International Suzuki Association, wrote:

“The Suzuki Method is alive! This was my honest impression. The tone of ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ was truly sparkling at the concert. It was a lively performance with a greater power and brightness than ever before. It would not be too much to say that it may have been one of the most moving scenes we have ever experienced. It is still very possible for us to build a new world through all of our efforts—beginning today.”

Excerpt only. Read the complete article in the American Suzuki Journal.