Greetings from Raleigh, NC. My name is Wilinda Atchley and I am a Suzuki violin teacher in Raleigh, NC. I know many of you and hope you will take a moment to read this invitation.

Recently we were all shocked to witness the earthquake and tsunami horror that destroyed lives and property in Japan. The news was tragic, and I, like you, was following with stunned disbelief.

A day after the catastrophe in Japan I received a message from one of my former students, Michael Danchi, who is back in our area after having completed his studies with Charlie Castleman. Mike had a wonderful idea. He asked what I thought about doing a benefit concert to raise money for those who lost so much. Thus plans began for a concert that would honor our leader, Dr. Shinichi Suzuki, and help his home country.

This event is titled Triangle Area Suzuki Japan Relief Benefit Concert. The date for the concert is May 21, 2011 at 4pm. Our host for this event is Duke University in Durham, NC. They have given us a space that seats 1,200 (many thanks to Duke’s Office of the Vice Provost for the Arts!). We hope to fill the stage with students, teachers, alumni and professionals.

Please visit , and click the “Japan Relief Benefit Concert” link, where you can donate directly to either the American Red Cross or Direct Relief International. We need to get money to Japan quickly. So the goal is to do most of the fund-raising in advance and then celebrate the success of this fund-drive with the benefit concert.

Make a donation today; and if you are able, come play with us! We welcome all of you; but you will notice the repertoire is from the violin literature. This is a conscious decision since we are working very quickly to organize a concert while the disaster is fresh in peoples’ minds. Details about concert participation will be posted to the donation page. Please check that page for info and updates.

Please help us help Japan!

Wilinda Atchley
Raleigh, NC