The 52nd Grand Concert

The 52nd Grand Concert

2018 is the 120th anniversary of the birth of Dr. Shinichi Suzuki. On April 4 of this special year, TERI will hold the 54th Grand Concert. It has been nine years since the last Grand Concert took place.

In 2011, we suspended the 53rd Grand Concert because of the Great East Japan Earthquake and tsunami on March 11. This time, students of TERI will perform with Children’s Orchestra of El Sistema Japan, which was founded in 2012 to support the children affected by the disaster. Overseas students will be invited; check back for more information.

The venue of the 54th Grand Concert is Ryogoku Kokugikan (両国国技館), a sumo stadium in Tokyo. Among the audience members will be international ambassadors and diplomats.

About the concert program, please refer to the following:

2018 Grand Concert Program

We will announce more detailed information as soon as it is ready.

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Prof. Ryugo Hayano

President, Talent Education Research Institute