Refer by last names; all present except Andy.

Book 5 Update

Longay wants to get started updating Book 5. He will send materials to the committee to get the ball rolling.

Guitars—finding better small instruments

Longay is getting advanced youngsters who need higher quality instruments. He says if there is someone willing to pay for it there should be a fine instrument available for them. He says Eduardo Moreno Moore has a better quality small guitar he made for his daughter and he is sending it to him as a sample.

Recordings for teacher trainee status

Question: should we have three levels of audition tapes instead of two for those who need more incremental progress? Or should we stick to the two levels we have now so that people will strive to get the harder piece on tape and rise to a higher level? On the other hand, the Bach Prelude and the Pernambuco Sounds of Bells from Book 7 are significantly difficult. The Committee will table this discussion until next call meeting.

Web Page suggestions

The Committee decided that we should include South American workshops in the Institute listings. The Committee agreed to change the information on repertoire development news by saying that the revised Book 6 is now available. Before the page goes online, the status of the final recordings of the new books will be checked so that the text concerning these recordings can reflect whether the final or the provisional versions are available. The Committee also decided to include on the web page photos of students with excellent posture and hand position.

Report on Madsen’s talk with the SAA concerning a proposed Guitar video

The SAA contact said that the idea sounds very good and the SAA will want to be involved. SAA feels that it would need to be very professional and polished if it were to be used to introduce the method. Madsen agrees to continue research on this project. For additional support SAA said we could approach Warner Bros., Ruben Flores, or anyone who stands to benefit from the growth of the method.

Committee Flow Chart Update

The committee needs to review our flow chart to prepare ourselves for the next meeting. This is an effort to better define our respective responsibilities within the Committee.