The Suzuki Early Childhood Experience

Video by Lynn McCall

Lynn McCall

Lynn McCall was named the first, SAA, Teacher Trainer for SECE in the U.S. in 2015.  She received her Suzuki mentoring and training from Dorothy Jones and Leena Crothers. Director and co-Founder of Alyla Suzuki Early Childhood Music School in New Haven Ct., Founded as the pilot program in Ct. for Suzuki ECE in 2006. Her work involves establishing SECE programs throughout the U.S. and Latin America. She has maintained an active piano studio, specializing in working with young children since 1995. Clinician for National and International teacher workshops and Institutes. 2013 SECE Faculty Suzuki World Conference in Matsumoto, Japan. Co-Chair of the SECE curriculum revision committee, founding member of SAA SECE committee, SAA Conference team coordinator. She is the proud mother of 2 grown sons and lives in Ct. with her husband.

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Joyce McGlaun said: Mar 19, 2012Reply
Joyce McGlaun
Suzuki Association Member
Violin, Suzuki Early Childhood Education
Abilene, TX
40 posts

Thank you so much for this beautifully presented movie illustrating and explaining the SECE experience. You and your parents reflect the joy of the experience in your faces, as do the children. Having just begun my journey into SECE two years ago I look forward to sharing with parents and children for years ahead. I know that training with the Jones family has greatly benefited my violin studio. Having just passed the one year anniversary of our SECE studio I find that I am strengthening the experience for parents both in the violin and the SECE studios because I have gained greater observation skills. The most valuable skill taught in an ECE class, in my teacher/mother/grandmother opinion is learning to quiet oneself. Few, if any other activities or classes, teach this skill.

Thanks to you and your parents for so articulately and joyfully giving insight into the world of early childhood music education.

Joyce McGlaun
Strings Unlimited Violin Studio & Quartet
Baby Music of Abilene,
325-677-5766; 325-829-4440

Catherine said: Mar 19, 2012Reply
 Violin, Suzuki Early Childhood Education, Viola
Portland, OR
11 posts

This if fabulous. Thank you. After my SECE class tomorrow, I will spend extra time reading to the children so I can give all of the parents an opportunity to see this. I think parents learn from one another too.
Warm Regards,

Irene Mitchell said: Mar 19, 2012Reply
Irene Mitchell
Suzuki Association Member
Violin, Viola
Dallas, TX
115 posts

Lynn, this is absolutely delightful and inspiring!
Many thanks to you & your families for making this video.

Irene Mitchell

Alyse Korn said: Mar 19, 2012Reply
Alyse KornPiano, Suzuki Early Childhood Education
4 posts

Lynn, thank you and your parents for an excellent presentation. I was looking forward to a Suzuki ECE presentation at this year’s PPO and you’ve done a fabulous job! Thank you for the inspiration.

Alyse Korn

Donna Ngai said: Mar 19, 2012Reply
Donna NgaiInstitute Director
Suzuki Association Member
West Hartford, CT
13 posts

Bravo, Lynn! It couldn’t have been presented any better! What a joy! Loved to see those little feet kicking and then stopping. :)

Ruth Dangarembizi said: Mar 22, 2012Reply
1 posts

Thanks for an eye opening presentation. You really did it well. Personally I have learnt one or two thing from the other parents, their little ones and you Lynn.

Kae Bacon said: Mar 23, 2012Reply
Kae BaconPiano
Albuquerque, NM
7 posts

Inspiring! Thank you for helping me understand SECE more.

Kae Bacon

Joyce Hodge said: Mar 23, 2012Reply
 2 posts

Wow, Lynn , I loved your presentation. Hearing the parents is encouraging. We know it’s a most wonderful way to begin the Suzuki Journey for both parents and children, thanks for sharing it with the rest of the Suzuki Community.

Lori Bolt said: Mar 25, 2012Reply
Lori BoltPiano
San Clemente, CA
262 posts

Thank you, Lynn. I now know more about SECE, and I will consider attending a teacher training course.

Lori Bolt

Daniel Gee Cordova said: Mar 26, 2012Reply
Daniel Gee CordovaInstitute Director
Teacher Trainer
Suzuki Association Member
Violin, Suzuki Early Childhood Education, Suzuki in the Schools, Cello, Viola
Austin, TX
9 posts

What an inspiring video! I remember watching you and Laura in Hartford years ago in my first experience with Suzuki ECE. Congrats!

Wendy said: Apr 17, 2012Reply
Wendy Seravalle-Smith
Suzuki Association Member
Violin, Viola
Thornhill, ON, Canada
120 posts

I finally had a Toddler Class this year and absolutely love working with the parents and young musicians. I am convinced this is the way to start and hope to always have one in my program.

Joyce McGlaun said: Mar 4, 2013Reply
Joyce McGlaun
Suzuki Association Member
Violin, Suzuki Early Childhood Education
Abilene, TX
40 posts

Lynn, just viewed this once again and was inspired anew. Your parents are very articulate. Would you allow this video to be used as a recruiting tool? I’m very interested in your stacking drums also. Have a brand name? Are they still available? Thank you.

Joyce McGlaun
Strings Unlimited Violin Studio & Quartet
Baby Music of Abilene,
325-677-5766; 325-829-4440

Lynn McCall said: Mar 4, 2013Reply
Lynn McCallTeacher Trainer
Suzuki Association Member
Suzuki Early Childhood Education, Piano
21 posts

Hi Joyce
I would be happy for anyone who might be interested to view this video. Not sure if you know, but the full 30 minute video is on the SAA website. It’s called “Building the Foundation for a Lifetime-Method for Suzuki Early Childhood Education. The drums are from Music in Motion. They are called Water drums. I like them because they stack so nicely.

Jenny said: Mar 4, 2013Reply
 85 posts

Kimiko Tanaka said: Mar 4, 2013Reply
4 posts

Such an interesting video!!. My daughter is 3 years old. She started to talk much earlier, and I strongly believe that music education at early stage really helped her to catch up so many languages (Japanese, English, Spanish) like a music.

Nancy Brown said: Sep 10, 2013Reply
Nancy Brown
Suzuki Association Member
Piano, Suzuki Early Childhood Education
Charlotte, NC
8 posts


This video is a wonderful addition to the tools we as Suzuki ECE teachers can present to interested families. It is also great for growing the SECE teacher community. You did a super job, loved the parent comments, and the sections of class that make SECE more understandable. The principles of Dr. Suzuki are celebrated here for the little ones. Thank you to Dorothy and Sharon Jones, for working so many years to bring this program to all of us. Thank you Lynn for making this available online, we appreciate it so much! It is making the growth of the SECE program more widespread, reaching many more babies and parents of the world. This is a true gift!

Christopher Bengochea said: Jan 16, 2016Reply
 11 posts

Is there any way, that this could be taught online to individuals via Skype or FaceTime?

Christopher Bengochea

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