Ms. Alyse Korn

Piano, Suzuki Early Childhood Education Teacher

Alyse Korn

SAA Member

Alyse Korn, B.M., M.F.A, Doctoral Candidate in Jazz Studies is the founder and teacher at Ojai Suzuki Piano School & Early Childhood Programs. She is a registered Suzuki Piano and Suzuki Early Childhood Music Education teacher with more than 30 years experience in making music with the very young. Her Suzuki teacher trainers include Doris Koppleman, Peggy Swingle, Cathy Hargrave, Rae Kate Shen and Dorothy and Sharon Jones. Alyse teaches at Suzuki institutes and workshops across North and South America.

Alyse is a Doctoral candidate in Jazz Studies at the USC Thorton School of Music, with an academic field in MuEd and electives in Music Technology and Composition. She is a graduate of the CalArts School of Music, Jazz Piano Performance (MFA) with an elective field in World Music and Dance, and the University of Miami School of Music, Studio Music and Jazz Piano (BM).

Music and movement are inseparable in Alyse’s life. Her diverse background in Afro-Cuban, Afro-Brazilian, West African and Indonesian dance, Southeast Asian martial arts and the Alexander Technique influences her approach to piano instruction and performance.

Alyse is a featured performer at Jazz venues and festivals throughout the world. She performs Jazz, Brazilian and Afro-Cuban music on a regular basis with her Ojai, CA based ensemble.

TUESDAY’S CHILD (Dark Delicious Music, 2023) comprises nine captivating compositions written and performed by jazz pianist/vocalist ALYSE KORN and veteran reed player ROBERT KYLE. The songs are intimate and lyrical, inspired by their love of Jazz, Brazilian and Afro-Cuban music. She is also featured on CD recordings “Light of the Sixth Sun” with Chilean composer and guitarist Waldo Valenzuela, and CalArts Jazz.