Pandemic Suzuki Cello

Marcella Minnillo lives in Cincinnati, Ohio, and studies with Alice Ann O’Neill. The pandemic has been a difficult time for everyone but our family found joy learning Suzuki Cello Book 2 on-line.

Image by Alice Ann O'Neill

Alice Ann O’Neill

Dr. Alice Ann M. O’Neill has enjoyed being a cellist for 44 years and continues to perform chamber music and solo concerts regularly. She also spent many happy years performing in professional orchestras and opera orchestras in Boston, Miami, Baltimore/Washington, Illinois/Iowa and in Ohio. Her passion for playing the cello is rivaled only by her love of training Suzuki Cello Teachers and teaching cello Suzuki families at the Cincinnati Cello School in Cincinnati, Ohio. She teaches many teachers private lessons on-line and in-person to help deepen their playing and teaching abilities. Dr. O’Neill also trains Suzuki Cello Teachers at institutes and workshops throughout the US and Canada. She is a Catholic nun and member of the Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati.

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