Every Student Can!

Chuck is a Professor Emeritus of Physics, NKU String Project Adult Orchestra cello principal, and a proud 76-year-old grandpa. The photo shows him learning how to play a chord with a techniquely sound hand shape. Chuck shared that he practices cello every day from scales, etudes, solo works, and orchestra music. A music lover, he never missed a lesson. Even with an injured ankle in a cast, he still came to our cello lessons. His drive for learning and playing music showed the pandemic was no obstacle for him at all!

Chuck’s passion motivates me. I think that playing the cello enlightens life, which proves most important during these socially distanced times.

Image by Li-Han Eliza Tseng

Li-Han Eliza Tseng

Li-Han Eliza Tseng is a professional cellist and educator, and serves as the principal cello at Orchestra Nova LA. Ms. Tseng taught at Northern Kentucky University-Music Preparatory and the UNT–String Project. She received her DMA degree from the University of Cincinnati-College Conservatory of Music, a MM degree from the University of North Texas, and a BM degree from the National Taichung University of Education. She also performed in various concerts in the US, Austria, and Asia.

As a passionate educator, Ms. Tseng has an extensive teaching background with over 12 years of experience working with musicians of all ages and skill levels. Her philosophy is that every student has the potential. In her teaching, she emphasizes a healthy, respectful, and positive learning environment. Her hope is to make music accessible to diverse audiences as she believes that music can connect and build a positive community.

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