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  • Jul23to Aug 1 Greater Austin Suzuki Institute
    Bee Cave, TX
    Every Child Can!
    Every Child Can!
    Bass Unit 2
    Bass Unit 3
    Greater Austin Suzuki Institute
    Young Artist Program - Greater Austin Suzuki Institute
    Stringspop Teacher Workshop
    Cello Unit 1
    Cello Unit 1
    Cello Unit 7
    Cello Teaching Strategies
    Viola Unit 5
    Supplemental Repertoire
    Violin Unit 1
    Violin Unit 1
    Violin Unit 2
    Violin Unit 3
    Violin Unit 4
    Violin Unit 5
    Violin Unit 6
    Violin Unit 9-10
    Supplemental Repertoire
    The Simplicity of Technique - Developing the Advanced Violinist from the Beginning
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