Flute lesson at Suzuki in the Berkshires

Flute lesson at Suzuki in the Berkshires

Image by Suzuki in the Berkshires

We’ve pulled some of the best articles for parents from past issues of the Minijournal.

Topics include tone, practicing ideas, listening, note taking at lessons, getting the most out of Institutes, and more.

A Quest for More Resonance
Ann Montzka-Smelser

Making Tone a Priority
Hannah Frey

On Suzuki, Violin, and Life
Alvaro Soltero

Rebecca Moore

The Ins and Outs of Progress
Lamar Blum

Baby Songs
Pamela deWall

Shinichi Suzuki: A Living Legacy
Michele Higa George

The Parent as Mentor
Tamara Linn

Daily “Chore” or “Joy?” Why Listen?
Janice Peters

101 Ways to Practice One Note, One Measure, One Line…
Sue Evans

Taking Notes at Lessons: Practical Tips for Parents
Heidi Ehle

I Love to Practice!
Joanne Bath

Note Reading Ideas
Ramona Stirling

Lead with a Smile! Making the Most of a Suzuki Institute
Joanne Bath & Pamela Bath Kelly

The ABC’s of Group Experience
Jacqueline Maurer

25 Nonviolent Discipline Ideas
Pam Kemp

Audio from Parents as Partners 2008
The following were recorded at the 2008 Conference:

  • Supporting Your Teacher (50:11)
  • Making Use of the Lesson (49:08)
  • Suzuki Is More Than Just the Name on Your Music Book: Sharing Memories from Dr. Suzuki’s School (49:42)