The Parents as Partners sessions from the 2008 Conference are available below as audio files. You can listen to them right from this page, or download the files to listen to later.

Supporting Your Teacher

Diane Schroeder, Board Chair and former parent of the University of Evansville Suzuki Violin Program (IN), with Brad and Nancy Langguth, parents from the Preucil School of Music (IA)

You appreciate your teacher…. What can you do for him/her that will make a difference? Learn and share in this session meant for parents who want to support their program and their child’s teacher.

Making Use of the Lesson

Edmund Sprunger, (MI) Teacher Trainer and author of Helping Parents Practice

Ideas for using children’s lessons and practice times (i.e. home lessons) to accomplish our biggest job: to become useless. We accomplish this task through helping students develop a variety of skills, especially the skills to teach themselves.

Suzuki Is More Than Just the Name on Your Music Book: Sharing Memories from Dr. Suzuki’s School

Sarah Smith, Violin teacher from West Suburban Suzuki Strings (IL) and Stan Smith from Aurora Suzuki (IL)

A celebration of Dr. Suzuki’s life; remembering his teaching as we share memories from his school in Matsumoto Japan.