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During this very busy time of year, we want to ensure you are vigilant of any spam or fraudulent emails. Please be very cautious and vigilant of the emails you receive. Official emails of the SAA will come from an email address that ends with in the sender address. If you are asked to download something, be vigilant and practice extra caution. Always pause before you download anything to see who the message came from. The SAA will not ask for credit card information or for you to share any personal details (social security, etc.) via email. A few tips to consider are below. This is not an all-inclusive list—it is just a starting point for your consideration. Be sure to practice cyber safety!

  • Double-check the sender or “from” email address. Is it from an email address ending in, or is it from another party? If so, you have reason to be vigilant.

  • Check the content of the email. Are they asking for information, finances, or details from you via email? The SAA will never ask for personal information (social security numbers, etc.) or credit card information via email.

  • Do NOT forward the email, as this will compromise the accounts you send it to.

  • If you download something that you realize later is from spam, be sure to change any account passwords that you believe may be compromised.

  • Mark the item as spam, and block the sender

If you want to speak to someone at the SAA office, you can always call us or write to us at [javascript protected email address].

Thank you!

The SAA Team