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Suzuki Association of the Americas

Hello forum users,

We have new discussion forums!

I’ve rewritten the forum software to make the forums easier to use, better handle the growing spam problem, and allow for adding special features in the future.

Here are a few of the new features and changes:

User Accounts

You now use the same log in account for the entire SAA website, including these forums. (Previously, you had a second account for the forums.)

  • If you had an account with the old forums and the regular SAA website, I’ve done my best to merge the forum account with your SAA account. Just log in with your SAA account to access the forums. Let me know if your SAA account doesn’t appear to be linked with your forum posting history.

  • If you had a forum account but not an SAA account, you’ll use your same forum username to log in to these new forums. Unfortunately, I was not able to preserve your existing password—so you’ll need to reset it to log in. Click the “forgot password?” link on the log in page to send yourself the password reset email. Let me know if you have problems getting in!

  • The black bar at the top of all website pages has links to your account information, private messages, and website settings.


You can now choose to post under your username, first name, or full name.

I’ve merged in your previous forum settings to the new system, but you may want to review your new settings page here:

Regarding merged accounts, if you want to change your SAA account username to match the one you used on the old forums, you can do that here:

Notification Emails

Reply notification emails now contain the actual text of the reply, and you can reply to the email in your regular email program to post to the forum. Private messages work this way too.


  • The Preview button will show you a popup of exactly how your post or private message will look before you submit it.

  • To include a picture or file attachment with your post, click the Polaroid icon above the posting area. This button also lets you include attachments you added to previous posts.

  • Uploading your profile picture is much easier now too. It doesn’t need to be a specific size—it will be scaled down if necessary. Manage your picture and picture settings here:

Look & Feel

The forums now match the look of the rest of the website, and I’ve removed a lot of the visual noise. Let me know if there’s a feature you can’t find on these new forums.

Comments & Questions

If you have any questions or feedback regarding the new discussion forums, please email me at or private message me!

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Jenny Ferenc
SAA Webmaster

Suzuki Association of the Americas
PO Box 17310, Boulder CO 80308