The subject of committee function and organization is discussed and it is decided that the committee does not need to change now. According to SAA, we can do what we want to within reason.

William Kossler submits these points concerning committee membership:

  1. Membership limited to 6.
  2. A degree in music is required (this can be overlooked by majority vote of the committee members).
  3. Set up a rotation schedule. 2 committee members would move off the committee in September for the period of one year. Committee size is limited to 6; therefore every 4th year 2 people will have a one-year break.

Some issues that come to mind:

  1. Coordination of SAAGC and ISGC membership.
  2. All committee members should be involved in repertoire changes regardless of their rotation status.
  3. The committee will send inactive members the results of committee discussions for approval.

The committee agrees to limit the membership to 6.

The committee agrees that a degree in music be required for membership and that this requirement can be overlooked by majority vote of the committee members.

The committee will coordinate with the ISGC to be sure that our ISGC representative is on the SGC committee as well.

The 6 members will have the final say on repertoire decisions.

The pool of committee members comes from the current committee membership and including all new teacher trainers.

The committee feels that Pam Brasch will be flexible with what the committee needs to do.

How teachers treat other teachers’ students at institutes and workshops

The committee agrees that it is important to respect all students and their respective teachers. As a Master Class visitor, it is important that we as teachers know how to treat other teachers’ students.

Great news! The guitar book six CD is available from Alfred.

The SAAGC chair discussed coordinating teaching points for all the books with the EGC representative. The committee will review the teaching points before being submitted to the ISGC.

Meeting adjourned.